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Jack Thomas

Experience: 20 Years


Jack has been writing articles for multiple platforms since 2001. He joined Help in Homework in 2010 and has since been an integral part of blog writing. He currently heads all blog members and provides them guidance and skills to succeed at our platform. He has authored more than 250 articles here and has more than 5000 articles to his name on various platforms.


What is the Pomodoro technique? How to use it to cover all the curriculars?

UserJack Thomas time 13th November 2021

Introduction: Scientific study methods are quite popular these days. University students, college students, schooling students, and even postgradua...

Metaphors and its Types

UserJack Thomas time 19th October 2021

Creativity and experiments lie at the core of the art world. The world of creative writing has a lot to offer its readers, from the writer’s end...

The Main Benefits Of Having A Graduate Diploma Of Accounting

UserJack Thomas time 8th October 2021

When you are looking to enter the accounting profession, then having a Graduate Diploma of Accounting is essential. You should consider that this qual...

How can Guest Posting help your business?

UserJack Thomas time 30th September 2021

The struggle today, with a lot of businesses, is to gather a wider customer base for their products and services. The task still remains undeciph...

How Essay Services Is Beneficial In Developing Vocabulary

UserJack Thomas time 27th September 2021

Including essay writing as part of your language-learning strategies is critical and beneficial regardless of the language you are attempting to learn...

Expert Tips To Help You Feel Well Rested While Studying

UserJack Thomas time 25th September 2021

Whilst it's important for students to have sufficient sleep at night, it's just as key that they feel rested and relaxed while they actually s...

All you need to know about academic essays: a synopsis

UserJack Thomas time 19th September 2021

Introduction: Essay writing has been marked as a primary genre for students from schools, colleges, and universities. Moreover, when it comes to ac...

Studying Online: How To Acquire Skills That Are In High Demand

UserJack Thomas time 17th September 2021

In today's economy, students need to acquire marketable skills, such as computer programming, as it is highly in demand. This article discusses th...

Job success - 7 tips to become successful at work

UserJack Thomas time 19th May 2021

When you start working in a new place, you need to take care of how to get comfortable in the team, meet the expectations of the boss and learn additi...

Promoting Your Self-Published Books

UserJack Thomas time 2nd April 2021

Self-published writers often find it hard to sell their books, whether online or in traditional bookstores. Publishing ebooks is far easier and less c...

5 Essentials Every Student Needs for Successful Online Classes

UserJack Thomas time 17th February 2021

The global pandemic has upended most businesses and industries, and education is among the hardest hit sectors. In fact, over 1.2 billion students acr...

How To Write a Dissertation or Thesis

UserJack Thomas time 22nd November 2020

What is a dissertation? What is a dissertation? Are dissertation and thesis the same thing? If you also have these questions in mind, read the arti...

How To Write a Research Paper

UserJack Thomas time 16th September 2020

How To Write a Research Paper  Before diving into the well of research paper writing, we need to understand the sea of research and to do so, ...

Essay Writing Tips: How To Write An Essay?

UserJack Thomas time 27th August 2020

How to Write An Essay It doesn’t matter who you are, you would have written an essay in your school or college or probably are going to write...

5 key benefits of choosing a trusted writer to solve essay assignments

UserJack Thomas time 28th March 2020

Before you choose a trusted source to do your essay assignment, you need to go through the pros and cons. You might end up paying for bad quality essa...

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