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“Website” “Company”, “We” or “Our” mean and refer to US.

“Customer”, “You” or “Yours” mean and refer to you and/or any other person submitting the question to the website on your behalf.
“Product” – an original essay, paper, and/or other written product, which is drafted and delivered to the customer in accordance with their question.
“Question” means a written order of a standard electronic form, filled and submitted on-line by the customer to our website. Order specifies the scope of work and other requirements of the customer regarding the product.

Privacy Policy:

We have kept creating account at our website an optional feature. If you are trying to avail customized homework help, you would not have to signup on our website and you can virtually get all services through whatsapp, email or live chat features. In order to purchase an old solution on our website requires you to mandatorily signup. There is a reason why we do not require you to necessarily create an account with us. We understand you have less time and to facilitate that we think it would be best if we communicated through email so that you won't even have to visit our website. Secondly, increasing cyber-attacks have put internet giants in very difficult position to save their customer’s data. So we thought its best in customer's interest if we stop such account creation process altogether. At all times, no information about you is leaked. All posted assignments at our place are 100% anonymous and we don't charge a fee for that.

Information we collect

Though signup process is optional, but you may choose to create an account with us. If you do so, we collect few personal details about you including your name, email address, phone number, gender, data posted on our website by you etc.

How we use this information

All your personal data is kept private on our website. As such we do not share any of your detail with any third party for profits or non-profit organization. Rest Assured, when you make purchases on our website, we do not store your card information and as such there is no threat card hacks by hackers. By Eliminating these processes, we claim that we are one of the safest website to use on internet.

Service Purchase Flow:

We are currently providing 2 type of services namely old solution services and customized homework help. When you visit our website and land on an old question page, you can directly make a purchase on that page itself. Old Questions mean a database of question-answers that we have placed on our website. By purchasing a particular question, you will instantly get access to its solution. When you land on the old question page, click on place order and complete the payment successfully, you are then redirected to a private answer page accessible to you only. On this page, answer is posted and additionaly, there can be found guidelines on how to download the answer.
Customized homework help means a customized solution created by our subject matter experts just for you. For example, you are struggling with a problem in accounting, you visit our website, and post your accounting question after signing up for an account. Once the question is posted, you are redirected to question discussion page which is private and accessible to you only. A chat moderator comes along and engages in the discussion with you regarding price and deadline finalization. As soon as price is finalized, you are asked to make the payment using a button on that page. After making the payment, our experts are sent confirmation to complete your question's answer. As soon as it is completed, we attach it on the same private discussion page for you. This completes the entire service page flow for our customers.

Honor Code: 

When you post a work to us and ask for our help, we assume that it is intended solely for your own personal use such as understanding the material.At any time you are not not supposed to submit our work to your university claiming as your original work.
Use of our services means that you are using our services for your personal use which does not violate your university's honor code and academic policies. It is your responsibility to read our honor code, terms and conditions and other policies before using our services.
We hope that by using our services, it helps you understand your study material very well which in turns gets you very high grades. We constantly ask for your feedback on our works for the same reason mentioning the grades you have been receiving in order to improve our services for you.

Our Services:

By using our services, you are buying a written service or guidance for your own personal use. You should not engage in submitting such works to your university for grading purposes.

No Plagiarism:

We do not offer plagiarized solutions and hence if you receive one, you should contact us. You will not only be eligible for full refund but will receive future discounts. As a punishment, tutor will be removed from working on our platform.

Quality Assurance Policy:

Before trying our services, you can choose to check out our free samples or you can also buy previously written solutions for your questions. The pricing for such previously written works is determined by the management at their sole discretion. Contact us for details on this matter.


Use of this website confirms that you agree to any future changes that are made in the terms & conditions of this website. We expect that you would review such terms from time to time however we will also notify you of such changes through email.

Revision Policy:

At Help in Homework, you are entitled for as many as revisions as you may need should we deviate from the original set of instructions. We will make all efforts to make you 100% satisfied. As such your revision instructions should not conflict with the original set of initial instructions you had provided. In case our quality assurance department (QAD) decides that the initial instructions of the client were met, his/her request for full/partial refund will be declined. Please see more details for the same on refund policy page. We have the refund policy on customized homework help however we do not provide refunds for answers pruchased through old QA page or private sessions with experts.


Current promo NEW40 entitles you to maximum of 40% discount and it is subjected to the following terms & conditions.

1. It is only applicable to new customers. While making payment, if your payment information matches with any prior information, the offer will stand invalid.

2. Discount is applied as per below conditions:

Assignment Worth Discount
$50 to $79 10% max: $8
$80 to $149 20% max: $30
$150 to $500 30% max: $150
$500+ 40% max: $250