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We have the 4 step process placed on our platform which is fairly simple. In details the process is explained below.

Please note that we do not have the concept of sign up or sign in. Also, we manually assign your assignments to tutors so that you have the best class experience here.

Step 1

Any new user is supposed to visit Post Your Question tab and fill in the details. Please fill in as many details as you can correctly otherwise if you are unsure of any particular field, you can leave that field blank or put a zero or 0 in it. If your uploads are of big size, then the page after hitting submit button might take some to process. During this time, you are supposed to be patient as the process can take a few minutes depending on the upload size. As soon as the question is submitted successfully, a confirmation message will apear on screen and an email will also be sent to you. Sometimes an email might take a few minutes however in normal circumstances, you would receive it within seconds. If there has been over 15 minutes and you have not received the email, please check your spam folder and still there is no luck, we need you to contact us on support@helpinhomework.org

Step 2

As soon as we receive your question through the page, we start the evaluation process and respond to you by email and quote you our deadline and price as per question difficulty. A mutual agreement regarding the same is reached and if you want to claim for any discounts, then this is the time, you let us know.

Step 3

Now, you are supposed to make the payment for the assignment by going to "Make Payment" page. Full payment is expected to be made upfront. We use PayPal to process all payments including debit/ credit cards and no manual intervention is made in the process. For more details, you can visit Make Payment page on our website. After the payment is made, you should email us for the confirmation. After the confirmation, it means we are now working on getting your question answered. You do not have to do anything now. We will manually get you the tutor and he would do all that he needs to do.

Step 4

As soon as the tutor finishes his work, we would send you the final answer on your email. If you are not satisfied and feel some changes should be made or your professor suggests some changes, then you can get those changes done unlimited number of times free of cost. However we require that you provide us convenient time for making the changes as for short deadlines, that tutor might be involved in some other time sensitive assignments. After you are satisfied with our work, we need you to go to Client Reviews page and provide your tutor feedback regarding his work. This helps other students know the kind of quality that is being offered here on this platform.

If you are unsatisfied with our quality, then you can claim for the refunds. Please visit refund policy for more details on that.