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Quick Tips For Nailing Your College Essays
  • Sep 2022
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Quick Tips For Nailing Your College Essays

26th September 2022

Breathe. Relax. You will be fine, and you will be fine. When you're sitting in front of your computer to write your first college essay and the blank white empty page stares back at you, know that "you can do this."

You have a childhood ambition or a long-term goal of attending this institution or university, and you are terrified that this college essay will be your downfall as your palms sweat and your heart palpitates.

Not to worry! You've gotten this far in your academic career; this is only a minor hiccup that you'll need to overcome.

Instead of viewing this as a test that you must pass, consider it a platform to demonstrate who you are beyond what your academics and extracurricular activities have already revealed.

5 Tips on How to Help you Nail that College Essay

1. Be true to yourself.

This is such an old statement that people use everyday that it occasionally slips straight past the listener's ears. However, as you are just starting to write, this is a helpful reminder. Don't attempt to impress your reader by pretending to be someone you're not.

Thousands of individuals do it; they pretend to be someone they are not, and they write about topics that do not represent their true selves. That type of writing comes out as phony and contrived.

How do you write honestly?

Be truthful. Tell the admissions reader about your weaknesses as a person and how you're working hard to improve. Do not plagiarize someone else's work and then claim it as your own. This fosters a culture of trust between you and the reader.

Instead of something remarkable and simple, write about something you conquered that was difficult. Discuss moving out of your comfort zone, persisting through numerous setbacks, and pushing through life with tenacity.

Write an essay about something that your grades and test scores cannot represent, and demonstrate your character.

2. Grab their attention and leave a lasting impression

It will never be dull to write honestly about yourself. After choosing on a topic to write about and completing your first draft, consider how you may capture their interest with an attention-grabbing opening line.

You can experiment with the following ideas to find what works best for your writing and personality:

  • Begin with a question.

  • Make use of a quotation.

  • Address the reader directly.

  • Make a sentence that is somewhat overstated (but remember to clarify what you mean afterward)

In addition to capturing their attention, you should leave them with a positive lasting impression of you that will entice them to learn more about you. Make the crowd want to yell for more, just as during a concert.

3. Do not cram so that you can edit as needed

Many people excel at cramming. They perform well under pressure and do their best work while cramming; however, not everyone is built this way, and it is not recommended.

It is important to start early by writing multiple draft before deciding on one. The rationale for this is that having numerous draft provides you many possibilities for what you may write about and allows you to choose the ideal topic that reflects who you are.

Another reason to avoid cramming is that not all wonderful ideas occur to you in one session. If you are given enough time to write, some concepts and anecdotes may occur to you while you construct your essay.

If you are given enough time to write, some ideas and tales may flow to you as you construct your essay over the course of many days.

4. Keep it simple and accurate

When writing a college essay, it is critical not to just load it with lovely phrases while ignoring grammatical norms. Make it simple to read by avoiding the use of various fonts and making superfluous sentences bold.

Short sentences should be clear and succinct. To keep track of how many words you've already written, use a word counter. Nothing should be plagiarized.

Run-on phrases, comma errors, and pronoun-antecedent agreement are all common faults in college essays. Keep an eye out for them.

5. Ask help from your teachers, parents, or people that you trust

Having another set of eyes to review your work is usually beneficial. Ask for their assistance in determining whether you are able to properly explain the concept or story that you desire, and be open to criticism.

It is critical to turn to individuals you trust so that you do not lash out when they offer remarks on your work since you know they are only looking out for you. They may also provide a new viewpoint on what you are discussing that you had not previously considered.


Take a deep breath, relax, and begin writing. Nothing will ever get done until you begin today. Ace that college essay and show the world that you are here, present, and ready to face college life no matter what!



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