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7 Factors to Consider When Shortlisting Business Schools
  • Sep 2022
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7 Factors to Consider When Shortlisting Business Schools

17th September 2022

Each business school has its distinct traits and perks, making selecting a business school a difficult task.

Although it may be tempting to focus just on the institution's renown, there are several additional things to evaluate to guarantee you are receiving an education that meets your long-term goals and professional objectives.

These are the seven most important variables to consider while selecting a business school.

How does the business school place in global rankings?

If the status of a business school is important to you, utilizing university rankings is a simple approach to compare business schools.

The QS World University Rankings 2022 assess 1,300 institutions worldwide, taking academic performance, industry, and employer reputation into account.

You may also look at the QS World University Rankings by Field to check how a certain university ranks in a particular subject. Using these rankings, you may directly compare the reputations of colleges.

If you want to study hospitality, for example, EHL Hospitality Business School in Switzerland has been rated the finest school in the world for hospitality and leisure management for the previous four years.

Another factor to consider while deciding between identical degree programsrious business schools is if the degree is accredited. Employers will see that accredited programs demonstrate that the degree is of a specific academic standard. This certification may be required for some positions.

EHL is the only hotel management school that is accredited in both the United States and Switzerland. Because of this certification, students can transfer credits and graduates can continue their studies at other institutions throughout the world. It also demonstrates to companies that this curriculum satisfies industry standards.

What facilities does the business school offer? 

The facilities provided by a business school may be a decisive factor for many prospective students when considering which university to attend.

While the majority of students will use amenities such as the library, lecture theatres, computer suites, and cafés, the relevance of other facilities may vary depending on the topic you are studying.

Le Berceau des Sens, the first educational restaurant in Switzerland to gain a Michelin star, is located within EHL Hospitality Business School.

Students are immersed in a five-star hospitality atmosphere where they may study from industry-award-winning experts.

You should also think about the university's career services. EHL provides a variety of career services to assist students in starting and progressing in their professions.

The industry connections section of the institution provides career guidance, international networking events, on-campus employment fairs, and a unique job portal.

Can you easily acquire transferable soft skills? 

Communication, cooperation, and problem-solving abilities will make you an appealing prospect to graduating companies. Although not particular to any one employee, these transferable talents might help you stand out in job applications.

Some colleges make it simple for students to develop these soft skills through a range of curricular and co-curricular activities.

To develop excellent leaders, EHL blends sophisticated knowledge with soft skills. The program provides simulation games and workshops to help students practice management strategies and acquire a strategic mentality in junior consultancy jobs.

Furthermore, EHL has over 30 student athletic and social groups that help students to develop soft skills.

This combination of high-quality professional education and the development of soft skills makes EHL graduates very appealing to graduate employers. Every term, more than 200 organizations directly recruit from EHL's campuses.

Because of EHL's remarkable reputation for developing great leaders, 96 percent of EHL graduates begin working within six months after graduation.

How extensive is the school’s international student community? 

Consider the breadth and depth of the institution's international community if you want to study abroad. If the school has a large number of foreign students, you will be learning in a diverse and intriguing setting.

EHL takes pride in being the most international hospitality school in the world, with over 3,600 students from 120 different nations.

The student body reflects the business school's ideals of increasing awareness, relationships, and personal interests. EHL attracts students from a wide range of origins and cultures, with 84% of students speaking more than three languages.

Where will you be studying? 

Another consideration while selecting a business school is its location. Location may have a significant influence on both your school experience and your future employment opportunities. Consider the nearby industries, which may give a useful link to job experience.

Business schools may have many campuses, and you may be able to study in different places. EHL has two campuses in Switzerland, one each in Lausanne and ChurPassageg, as well as a new one in Singapore.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management might spend a semester at another university.

To increase the quality of the student experience, all three EHL campuses use the strengths and trends of their surrounding industrial zones.

How active is the business school’s alumni network?  

Choosing a business school with an unusually active alumni network can provide you access to crucial professional and personal contacts that may help you advance in your career.

EHL has helped educate many leaders during its 125-year existence, and it now boasts the hotel industry's largest and most active university alumni network.

This 25,000-person network will remain with graduates for the rest of their lives, connecting them to services and opportunities.

Among this group of over 150 nations, 20% of EHL graduates have established their firm, offering an excellent support network for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Are the business school’s degree programs right for you?  

The most crucial component of selecting a business school is determining which school offers the best degree program for you.

EHL Hospitality Business School, taught by experienced teachers and academic faculty members who are all recognized specialists in their industries, provides a wide choice of programs that will help you learn to think like a business leader and perform like a hospitality specialist.

In addition to the bachelor's degree in international hotel management offered by EHL, the business school provides five postgraduate courses that will allow you to tailor your career while earning a globally recognized business certificate.



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