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PaypaL Make payment


1. PayPal Account: If you already have a paypal account, then you can simply use the above provided button, enter the payment amount, sign-in to your account and make the payment.

2. Credit/Debit card: We process all credit/debit card payments through PayPal. When you use the above button for making payment, choose "Pay with debit or credit card" instead of paypal account during the checkout.

3. Cryptocurrency: We allow some of our tutors to receive payments through cryptocurrency directly to their addresses and it depends on their territory for regulation check. Price of currency will be determined as per coinmarketcap price on the moment of payment transfer. Please email us on support@helpinhomework.org for getting the address for currency transfer and whether crypto payment can be applied for your transaction.


All customers are supposed to make full payments upfront hence there should not be made any unusual request from you for "Pay after work done". Once the payment is made, we would submit the answer within agreed deadline. You are allowed unlimited revisions on work if we deviate from agreed set of instructions.