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How to Write the Notre Dame University Supplemental Essay 2023-24
  • Nov 2022
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How to Write the Notre Dame University Supplemental Essay 2023-24

10th November 2022

Notre Dame University is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. It attracts the smartest and brightest students from around the country, as seen by its acceptance rate. Students wonder how to write the notre dame supplemental essays, and this article will help you understand the process of writing a supplemental essay.

Notre Dame University is one of the most selective universities in the country and provides a high-quality education to its students. And when it came to Notre dame university supplemental essays, students found it difficult to cope.

Notre Dame supplemental essay are examples of the most feasible way to produce an essay on the topic. Notre Dame supplemental essay examples should mcolleake you look at the view of a variety of viewpoints and create your own opinion.

Only 15% of candidates were accepted for the 2021-2022 academic year. Because most students have outstanding grades and transcripts, one of the most crucial methods for you to stand out is through your Notre Dame application essays!

This tutorial will lead you through everything you need to know about writing the application essays for Notre Dame. First, we'll go through the Notre Dame supplement in general. Then we'll go over each essay one by one and answer the following questions:

A.) What is the essay asking you to do?

B.) What makes for a good answer?

C.) What are some potential essay topics?

D.) Are there pitfalls you should avoid?

Finally, we'll provide four key pointers for pushing your Notre Dame essays to the next level. So let's get this party started!

Why Are the Notre Dame Application Essays Important?

The harsh reality is that getting into Notre Dame is difficult. Only 15% of candidates were accepted in 2020/2021, making Notre Dame even more difficult to get into than institutions like Georgia Tech and Vassar!

Because Notre Dame draws top talent, admitted students have high standardized test scores. In reality, the average Notre Dame student received an SAT score of 1460-1540 or an ACT score of 33-35.

So, what types of applications are accepted? Notre Dame is looking for well-rounded, committed students who thrive in the classroom and are interested in the community, according to the Notre Dame Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Notre Dame summarises the significance of the essay section of your application:

"The writing supplement allows us to get to know you on a more intimate level than just your metrics. So, be yourself, take risks, and remember that there is no right or wrong solution."

In other words, admissions officers want to get to know the real you. Because Notre Dame does not conduct application interviews, these essays are your chance to demonstrate to admissions counselors that you're the full package.

That means your essay responses will be one of your only chances to demonstrate to admissions officers that you're a good fit for their school.

Let's look more closely at the Notre Dame supplement, which you'll need to complete as part of your entire application.

An Overview of the Notre Dame Supplement

The Notre Dame supplement can be accessed via the Common App or the Coalition App websites. The Common App and the Coalition App are online applications that allow you to apply to many universities at the same time.

Here's where things get complicated: the Notre Dame supplement is submitted in addition to the application you submitted.

That means you'll be submitting additional Notre Dame-specific essays in addition to the essays you wrote for your universal application package. That is why it is known as the Notre Dame supplement!

The 2 Parts of the Notre Dame Writing Supplement

The supplement itself requests that you write and submit two additional articles, which are divided into two categories:

A.) The necessary essay comes first. This is the prompt that all applicants to Notre Dame must respond to.

B.) For your other essay, you are given four prompts and must respond to one of them.

You have a limit of 200 words to respond to each prompt on the web portals. That's not a lot of room! But keep in mind that the quality of your admissions essays is more important than the quantity.

Now that you have a rough understanding of the Notre Dame supplement, let's look more closely at each essay topic.

Essay 1: "Why Notre Dame?"

Notre Dame is a Catholic institution founded by members of the Holy Cross Congregation to educate students' hearts and minds. What piques your interest in attending Notre Dame?

Remember that this essay topic is required, which means you must respond to it to finish the supplement. But don't worry, we'll lead you through the steps!

What Is the Essay Asking You to Do?

This prompt essentially answers the question "Why This College?" This is a popular supplemental essay topic designed to assist admissions officers to understand why Notre Dame—and no other university!—is the best fit for you.

The "Why Notre Dame?" prompt also serves another purpose: it allows them to gain a sense of how you will contribute to the Notre Dame community as a student and as a person.

You aim to convince admissions officers that you are the ideal candidate for Notre Dame and vice versa.

What Makes for a Good Answer?

Here's what you should do if you want to blow this essay out of the water.

#1: Do your homework.

The key to creating an outstanding "Why Notre Dame?" The essay is to demonstrate to admissions counselors that you have thoroughly researched the school's resources and opportunities.

This demonstrates that you are more than just curious; it also demonstrates that you are passionate and motivated.

Look into specific classes you might be interested in attending and/or teachers you might like to research under as you conduct your research.

(To get you started, here's a list of all the colleges and departments at Notre Dame!) For example, if you want to be the next Alexa, you should suggest studying Artificial Intelligence and Software Development Practices classes.

If curing cancer is more your thing, mention your collaboration with Dr. Jessica Brown, who is studying RNA to better understand how cancer operates.

#2: Not sure what you want to major in yet? No problem.

When it comes to the "Why This College?" essay, this is a frequently asked question. The short answer is: it's fine not to know! Admissions counselors understand that your major isn't fixed in stone, but they do want to see that you're planning.

Even if you're not sure what you want to accomplish with your life, choose a probable academic field for the sake of composing this question.

#3: Plan to address the "mind" and the "heart."

You've probably noticed that the application prompt explicitly cites two concepts: "mind" and "heart."

Notre Dame is a religiously associated college, and while not all students are required to be religious, a primary aim of the university is to nurture "the development...of those disciplined habits of mind, body, and spirit."

So, in your response, make sure you're doing more than simply discussing how Notre Dame will mold you intellectually.

Admissions officers are also interested in how the school will mold you as a person. You must resolve each of these issues to appropriately respond to the prompt!

#4: Don't overlook the Notre Dame community, either.

The prompt specifically asks you how the Notre Dame experience will affect you, implying that admissions counselors are interested in learning more about how you will fit into the Notre Dame community.

For example, if you were in the high school theatre, you might wish to participate in Shakespeare at Notre Dame!

Many departments also have their student organizations (like the American Studies Club or Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honors society).

One more comment on religion: Notre Dame is a Catholic university, therefore many of its community programs are religious.

Don't include it in your essay unless you're serious about joining one of these organizations. Every year, admissions counselors read thousands of applications, and they will know if you are honest!

#5: Start narrowing things down.

After you've done your homework and have a list of classes, teachers, programs, and extracurriculars, pick the two or three that stick out the most. You only have 200 words, so give yourself plenty of room to discuss the items you've chosen!

#6: Relate your topics to your goals.

Remember, it is your goal to convince admissions officers that Notre Dame is the only institution for you.

Explain how the classes, programs, and activities you've mentioned will help you reach your goals while also helping you grow as a person.

For example, if you wish to study adolescent psychology, describe how your Notre Dame curriculum and experience will help you go on to explore how social media influences the brain development of teenagers.

You can underline how Notre Dame is the one place that can set you on the path to success by making it personal.

What Are Some Potential Essay Topics?

Along with the examples mentioned earlier in this section, consider the following subjects for this essay:

i) Discuss with a professor in your department how you expect to contribute to a specific existing research topic.

ii) Explain your future job aspirations and how joining specific college organizations can help you get there.

iii) Discuss how you want to take classes from two different departments to approach a challenge in your future profession in novel ways.

Are There Pitfalls You Should Avoid?

Avoid making these blunders to avoid giving admissions counselors the incorrect impression.

#1: Avoid generalities

Make an effort to be as specific as possible about what makes Notre Dame unique. Don't just state you're thrilled to go because of the school's study abroad programs; most, if not all, prominent institutions in the United States provide study abroad opportunities. What unique programs does Notre Dame provide that are not available elsewhere?

The same is true when discussing your job goals. Don't claim to want to halt climate change. How do you intend to go about it?

How will certain Notre Dame coursework, teachers, and research opportunities help you save the world?

#2: Leave sports out of it

We all know that being a Fighting Irish fan is part of the appeal of Notre Dame. However, unless you want to join one of the athletic teams, concentrate on academics, career, and service options instead.

#3: Don't sound bored

The topic asks about what excites you about attending Notre Dame, so let your enthusiasm shine through in your writing.

Essay 2: Choose Your Prompt

You'll be given three essay prompts for this section of the Notre Dame essay supplement, and you'll choose one to answer. Again, there will be a word restriction of 200.

How to Choose Your Prompt

Choosing the prompt can be the most difficult step for some folks! There are a few things you can do to make this process go more smoothly.

#1: Choose the prompt that lets you share new information

Go over the list and cross off any prompts that you've already talked about in your Common App or Coalition App. Some Notre Dame supplement essays discuss issues related to the Common App and Coalition App essay prompts.

Choose a Notre Dame essay prompt that allows you to discuss something new and exciting!

#2: Brainstorm every prompt

Spend an afternoon brainstorming ideas for each prompt listed below. Don't worry about whether or not your thoughts are good—just write them down!

When you're through, look at which prompts allow you to share something fresh that you haven't already discussed in your application.

#3: Read ahead

Take a moment to go over the Notre Dame essay example subjects listed below. Check to see if any of the concepts or techniques stand out to you!

Let's take a deeper look at each request and how to respond to them.

Option 1

People from various places, backgrounds, and walks of life make up the Notre Dame community. How does your background influence who you are?

What Is This Essay Asking You to Do?

The goal of this essay assignment is to discover more about what makes you unique. This is your chance to (briefly!) explain how your background, whether cultural, geographical or otherwise, has formed you into the person you are today. You don't have much room, so be as descriptive as possible.

A large part of this essay will be describing how it pertains to who you are as a person, so choose a topic that you believe will give readers a better understanding of who you are.

What Makes a Good Answer?

#1: Be truthful. Don't be tempted to choose a topic that you don't care about but believe will "impress" Notre Dame. It will result in a poor essay that they will see right through.

#2: Explain why your family history is important to you. This is most likely the most significant portion of your response because it reveals to readers what makes you tick.

#3: Provide instances. Give clear examples of how your upbringing influenced you. Do you follow any familial or cultural traditions? Where do you go? Holidays? Go into specifics!

Are There Pitfalls You Should Avoid?

#1: Lying. As previously stated, do not invent an interest to impress the admissions committee. Faking your background is a terrible notion that will hurt your application. Notre Dame is interested in getting to know the real you. Display it to them.

#2: Forgetting to connect it to yourself. So your town has a rubber duckie festival every year? Great! But how does that apply to you? Notre Dame isn't interested in your hometown; they're interested in you!

Option 2 

Describe a time when you stood up for something you believe in.

What Is This Essay Asking You to Do?

This essay allows you to demonstrate not only what you believe in, but also what you are willing to do to defend it.

In short, it's a terrific method to showcase your personality, which Notre Dame values highly. The causes that are near you might reveal a lot about who you are and what you value.

What Makes a Good Answer?

#1: Select a suitable topic. You may be quite particular about the order in which the Star Wars films should be seen, but try to choose something that reflects your personality and views.

#2: Consider your behavior. Remember to explain why you felt obliged to speak up in support of what you believed in. What was at stake? What did it signify to you? How did you feel afterward?

Are There Pitfalls You Should Avoid?

#1: Taking too long to set the scene. Because you only have 200 words, you must establish the setting as fast as possible.

#2: Being evasive. Another big flaw in answering this question is being overly general and unclear.

For example, saying, "It felt fantastic after I convinced the school board we needed to focus more on sustainability in our school and lunch supplies" is insufficient.

What made you feel so good? What else did you experience? What occurred after that?

Option 3 

If you were given limitless resources to help fix one community problem, what would it be and how would you go about it?

What Is This Essay Asking You to Do?

This essay question encourages you to pick anything in your community that needs to be fixed. This works in two parts: first, you get to demonstrate to your community what you care about.

Do you care about environmental justice? Is there a certain neighborhood? Is it a school? A gathering of people?

Second, you get to dream big and solve the problem on your own, showcasing your creativity and perseverance.

What Makes a Good Answer?

#1: Defining the issue. You'll need to start by outlining the problem and explaining why it's so vital to you to solve it.

Why this particular issue? What is the significance of this, and what are the probable consequences? What difference would it make in your community?

#2: Explaining the solution. To demonstrate how much thought you've put into this topic, you'll need to provide a thorough solution.

You have a limitless budget to solve it, but now is not the time to be silly. Instead, look ahead: make sure your solution isn't a short fix, but something more long-term.

Are There Pitfalls You Should Avoid?

#1: Failing to take the prompt seriously. Make certain that you select a genuine community issue.

You may be disappointed that there is no frozen yogurt shop in town, but try to dream a little bigger. Notre Dame takes their prompts seriously, and they want to know what matters to you.

#2: Being overly broad. Although you only have 200 words, try to be as descriptive as possible.

If you're pushing for a community skate park, for example, explain how it will benefit the community, who will benefit, and where your unrestricted donations will go.

Option 4

What is the best compliment you've ever received? What made it special to you?

What Is This Essay Asking You to Do?

This essay question invites you to consider how and why you see yourself. There are numerous compliments to pick from, but try to select one that fits your ideals.

Perhaps someone remarked on your helpfulness, causing you to understand how much you cherish service. Perhaps you were recognized for a talent or skill that you have worked extremely hard to develop.

What Makes a Good Answer?

#1: Sincerity.  This is a difficult prompt. It can be difficult to talk yourself up, but that is exactly what they want you to do.

Be your authentic self, and do a lot of interior contemplation on the issue you chose.

#2: The proper subject. There are numerous forms of compliments, and they all feel wonderful! However, not all of them will reveal what Notre Dame requires of you.

It feels great when someone compliments your eyes, but that can be difficult to convey in a short essay.

Are There Pitfalls You Should Avoid?

#1: Humblebragging. It's difficult! In many respects, this essay is asking you to brag about how great you think other people think you are.

However, keep in mind that the focus of your essay should be on how you absorbed the remark and what happened to you psychologically.

#2: Insufficient reflection. Remember the last section of the prompt: explain why this compliment meant so much to you.

Consider this carefully. Did it give you the confidence you needed? Did it cause you to reconsider yourself? Did it influence your behavior?

4 Tips for Writing a Killer Notre Dame Essay

Follow these four ideas to produce an outstanding Notre Dame essay that demonstrates to the school who you are and why they should admit you.

#1: Be Authentic

You are an individual with your own set of interests, experiences, and beliefs. Admissions officers want to discover more about the "you" behind the transcript, so don't be hesitant to show your individuality in your essays.

Even more crucial, don't try to make up stories about yourself to impress the admissions committee. We are confident that there are many appealing aspects of you!

Furthermore, admissions counselors have well-trained lie detectors; they'll know if you're lying.

Admissions officers read your submissions to learn more about you. That is why it is critical to be yourself! Here's what the Notre Dame Admissions website says about authenticity:

"The most fun aspect of the application reading process is your essays. Why? Because we hear about crucial decisions you've made, adventures you've had, lessons you've learned, family traditions you've had, obstacles you've encountered, and embarrassing moments you've conquered."

#2: Deal With the Religion Question

Although not everyone who attends Notre Dame is religious, previous demographic surveys reveal that the student body is up to 85% Catholic.

Similarly, institutional data reveals that a student's religious affiliation and/or devotion is taken into account throughout the admissions process.

If you are religious and have not already addressed it, you should consider including it in your Notre Dame application essays.

But be cautious! Review Notre Dame's mission and commitments to ensure your answers are consistent with the university's beliefs. Furthermore, don't beat a dead horse.

Every response should not be religious—Notre Dame is looking for well-rounded students with many interests and passions.

And if you're not religious, don't pretend to make yourself seem more enticing. Every year, as previously said, admissions counselors read thousands of applications. They'll be able to determine if you're being truthful or not.

#3: Jump Right In

Stop with the lengthy introduction! You only have 200 words, so use them wisely. To accomplish this, begin your topic with the first sentence.

If it feels strange, don't worry: you can write a phrase or two of introduction to get started, then delete it once you begin modifications.

#4: Show, Don't Tell

Use descriptive language to help your reader visualize what you're saying. "I was so afraid to sing in the talent competition," don't say. Instead, say something like,

"My palms were sweating and I thought I was going to pass out, but I got on stage and performed anyway." One tells the reader what you did, while the other provides a window into your experience.

Our writing support is ready to assist college students with their Notre Dame supplemental essays. We have had over 13+ years of experience in helping students prepare for their admissions application process, and have helped thousands of students attend some of the most prestigious schools all across the country.

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