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How To Write a Research Paper
  • Sep 2020
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How To Write a Research Paper

16th September 2020

How To Write a Research Paper 

Before diving into the well of research paper writing, we need to understand the sea of research and to do so, and we will start from the word study.

Research is a concept of finding unique information from existing research or experience and to utilize it to generate new ideas and patterns for the society, for the organization.

To convert that unique idea and pattern into the writable document is called 'writing research paper'.

Research papers can be of many areas with many types as listed below.

·      Engineering research paper,

·      Medical science research paper,

·      Industrial research paper and white papers,

·      Academic research paper,

·      Academic paper,

·      Review paper

·      Writing an essay on an individual's research for better underrating (with citation).

And many more.

It is an essential requirement for any individual to know how to write a research paper if you are in the field of research, it is necessary to know about academic papers if you are in a field of academic.

Before writing the research paper, we must ensure the area of research, and then we can be able to write a research paper on our exciting site.

Once you can be able to find the area of research, you need to focus on the topic or a specific piece of that area to progress your research further.

You must have the factual knowledge of your selected topic while you are writing a research paper. Your research must be associated with the number of sources.

When you are planning to write a research paper, it is feasible to start it with the row findings and row information which you have collected to progress it further. From that raw material, you can easily be able to find the exact topic of research. You can be able to decide the title of your research paper later from it and can be able to introduce your final statement of research.

This is how you can initiate writing a research paper. 

While writing a research paper, you must be able to spend enough time behind research on that topic.

Furthermore, if we are talking about research paper writing, then the impact will be huge if we will choose the correct format of the research paper. We will see the form of a research paper in the next section.

Research paper format

Wondering about what is the correct structure or format of a research paper?

Before writing a research paper, you must be aware of what your research paper is expecting. It is very dominant when it comes to setting the research paper format. There are various styles of formatting avail to pick a feasible format for writing your research paper with specific protocols and regulations in each class.

The leading styles of a formatting research paper are APA, MLA, and Chicago. Your academic guide will help you to choose better for your research paper writing or the design of the research paper.

The individual style has a unique title for the sources you have a bind after your paper, various protocols about headers and footers, etc.

The individual reviewer will subtract points from your results if you do not stick to the style he has shown you in writing a research paper. Also, in the worst case, he refuses to accept your research paper.

However, sticking to the specific format suggested by your guide will give fruitful results at the end of your research paper.

Ultimately choosing and following a specific format of research paper will play a crucial role in results.

The below step by step guide will give you the proper idea for writing a research paper.

Understanding the process of research

It is essential to make a research paper process before writing a research paper. Research for writing a research paper will depend on the choice of the individual. Individuals are following the research process by their own choice. It's dominant to stick and focus on the topic and act fast to complete the research paper.

You do not have to refer to full information related to your topic. It would be best if you focused on the abstract of collected raw material or related research papers. You can narrow down or highlight the details from it and move quickly. Find out the summary of the row material instead of going for the entire content.

Furthermore, you need to take an oral idea from the resources. You cannot consider those resource materials as your final origin or source. It would be best if you needed trustable help to find your research related to row material. 

Use keywords and key points from the raw material and dive into the deep ocean of facts of each word you have taken. 

In case we are writing a research paper and writing a research essay,  every single information can be useful for you. Do not forget to concentrate on every available lead. You can refer to articles, literature reviews, previously published research papers related to your topic and can use them to argue in your research and write a research paper.  Reading is playing a crucial role in a quality research paper. Read as much as research papers, articles, essays, review papers for writing your research paper with quality content. 

Finally, organise your content which you have written in your research paper.


Choose Research Paper Topic 

At this stage, you already have enough raw material from articles, essays and research paper topics related to your interests. Use it wisely, read more raw material if you need and choose the one of the best and interesting topics for the research paper.

You will love to work on writing a research paper if that topic will be from your best choices and your interest. No matter which subject has been assigned to you, find out the best possibilities that complete your requirements for writing a research paper. It will help if you focus on, mind while working on a research paper that the area and topics are feasible to find out as much as information. It would be best if you needed to prepare for it before starting writing a research paper. IEEE xplore, springer, Elsevier are the well-known digital platforms from where you can get information related to your research paper topic. Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is an interesting topic to research. 

Once you resolve the Mystery of your topic and reach the concluded case, make sure that enough row data is available and you can continue your research on that topic. 

However, if you think that you cannot find much information on the finalised topic then better to leave it and try for another issue without wasting time. 

Conducting Initial Research

Initial paper writing research is an essential process for writing a research paper with quality content. To make this possible it needs to be focused on how to write research paper notes. The purpose of noting each finding of your topic is to keep that information handy. Note down the summarized information in your note which is going to be used in your research paper. It is feasible to initiate the research from the necessary information related to your topic instead of diving for a complex one.

Try to follow the same procedure until the end of your research paper. This will help you to modify your paper’s content and re-research on any requirement in future. Just choose the procedure which you can understand better.

Preparing a research paper thesis statement and outline

Till now, you have gathered much information related to your research topic. Now it's time to prepare a research paper outline. Here in this section you will see how to write a research paper’s outline. An outline basically means to prepare a research paper purpose statement. 

If you focus on the content which you have gathered must be included in that outline of your research work. The system which you prepared by you does not need to be precisely suitable before your research paper. In some circumstances, it may need to change or edit and revise as this will be easy to edit instead of rewriting the whole piece.

It is to be more feasible if you prepare multiple titles for your research paper. You must not depend on one title for your research paper. You should keep your identification with the right words which can justify your research paper.

Revise all the content which you have with you and prepare a title for your research paper. Refer some more articles, essays, and previously published research papers to prepare your thesis title.

You should have arranged the outline in such a way that it can be easily understandable.

You can include

·         Introduction to your research,

·         literature survey

·         Methodology (experimental procedure, calculations, codes).

·         Analysis

·         Arguments (outcomes of experiments, the output of codes, final answers of calculations)

·         Conclusion (summarised information).

Write the body

Writing the body is time taking and an essential phase. Before starting this phase,you need to learn about how to write a body paragraph for a research paper. 

You should have arranged your research data together in a proper format which you have decided which will let you decide what should be included in the body of your research paper and what shouldn’t. Ready with your proofs to reveal your research in front of the audience. 

This section will have many parts in the form of paragraphs. Here, some important information is given which will show how to write a body paragraph of a research paper.

Use your outlines

Your outline will help you to decide the flow of your body paragraph and how you can relate all the findings and experiments to your research work.

Revise the outlines if you need to prepare body paragraphs.


Whatever information you include in the body paragraph must have cited if you have taken it as supportive information in your paper. You can use online tools to cite the information you have used as supporting information.

The focus must be on the title or thesis statement.

You have already revealed your thesis statement and definition of your work in the previous section. Now, everything you are adding in the body paragraph must relate to the purpose or information of your thesis. Your paragraph must be indicating your title of the paper.

Do not leave your track.

You should keep in mind that the paragraph which you are adding is supporting your research statement so add each information wisely. Do not leave the track of your research findings, means you must show the supportive proofs and knowledge of your results here in the body paragraph or paragraphs.


If you have worked on your outline correctly, then the transition of your paragraph will be naturally set. It will build your sections towards the main idea of your research paper.

You can use supportive words or transition words to write body paragraphs with proper flow and continuity.  Use the words like furthermore, accordingly, equal to in your body paragraphs.

Explore your knowledge

You must show all the experiments, calculations, methods, algorithms, procedure, and codes here in this section of your paper.

You can use images or diagrams here in this section if needed with proper citations if you have collected them from other sources.

Know the audience

You must remember the audience of this type of research work, so plan your presentation accordingly. The viewers should be enabled to get the primary purpose of your research work.

This may lead people to extend their ideas for their work in this area of research.


Whatever the content you have presented must be satisfying the reviewer, attendees, readers, all the individuals who are included directly or indirectly to this area. Make your paper in such a way which answers all the questions. You also are satisfied with your hard work at the end.

Write the conclusion

The research paper conclusion will be a mixture of all your hard work. If your decision is strong and clear enough, then your article will automatically become a valuable paper. Follow the given points to get a better idea about how to conclude a research paper. 

Do not add a new idea.

Again, use your outlines and read them correctly, use your raw material if you need and come with the compressed information of your research. Add the data which can be able to answer all the questions raised in readers, reviewers, and the audience's mind. Here, you cannot come up with any new suggestions or anything out of your research work, including all the things in such a way which is already there in your paper's body part. This blog will help you find a way about how to write a research paper without introducing new ideas in conclusion.

Do not retell your whole research work.

Here you cannot only mention all the content you already have mentioned before. Summarise your ideas, findings with future perspectives of your work here.

Reflect the motive behind your research paper.

The motive behind your paper must be visible to all.

Revising the research paper

This is the phase in which you can refer to your whole idea behind the paper and make necessary changes if you find it is not proper. It will give you the idea about how to write a research paper motive.

It will lead much closer to the thesis statement and clarify the motive behind your hard work for this paper. Read all the paragraphs again and make sure that they will be related to the main topic of your research paper. Check for the citations in each line of your content and make sure it is cited. Do not forget to acknowledge the resources which you have used for writing this research paper. Check for grammar, plagiarism, line spaces fonts and everything which can cause you in a while to submit it to the body.

Use your basic instincts at the time of revision. A writer must consider the reader’s experience during the revision process.  Keep more focus on the points on which you think that you have not mistaken here.    

Research Paper Sample

This is an essential requirement to write a quality research paper. You will have to find a maximum number of research papers to refer to as a sample paper of a research paper. From these research paper examples, you will get a good idea about how to write a research paper and what content you can use in it.

Use reputed digital libraries of reputed journals like IEEE xplore, Elsevier, Thomson router Reuters and many more avail online. Search your area of research in the sample research papers and collect quality research paper samples. 

They may charge you for this. However, you can make a group of your teammates or classmates purchase the one-time licence to access them online. Some of them are giving concessions to the students.

Do not collect the research papers which are not related to your area of research as it may create confusion to focus on a single site. Use specific keywords to find out the suitable sample research paper for your research paper writing.

You can use a summary of literature survey papers, literature review papers, thesis papers as a sample in your research work.

Reports are also beneficial to refer as a useful resource to your work. Many words are available online, which can help to get a better idea of your work.

Ultimately you must have to find the sample research papers which can help to make your research paper concrete and focused on any area of research.

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This blog will help you to find your basic requirements about how to write a research paper, how to collect raw material, available methods to write, filtered information such as how you can use sources to add content in your form, formatting styles of your content, sources from where you can find the sample research thesis and much more.

For any area of research, you should ask questions to yourself whether you have followed all the available instructions to complete your work or not.




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