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Refund Policy

You can qualify for 100% refund for customized homework help if:

  • 1. We are not able to provide you with a quality work.
  • 2. You are eligible to get full refund if payment is made twice or in excess of original amount. You should report the case to us immediately.
  • 3. We provide work accuracy of below 50%
  • 4. Plagiarism percentage is above 35%


You can qualify for 30% Partial Refund for customized homework help if:


  • 1. We provide work accuracy above 50% but below 70%
  • 2. There are major quality concerns.
  • 3.  Plagiarism percentage is above 25%.
Please note that for quality disputes, we will entertain your dispute if it is made within 3 days after we supplied you the solution. Also, please bear in mind, that we do not provide any refunds for answers purchased through Old QA service and Timed Homework Help Service.
Below are given points you need to consider when setting the order on Dispute.
  • - In case of a Dispute, you will have to provide evidence to back up your claims.
  • - It will take some time to resolve the Dispute. Sometimes we may ask for additional materials or evidence to support your request.
  • - Each case is reviewed separately; every decision concerning refund is taken after careful consideration.
  • - Failure to provide the information required for Dispute resolution within 3 days will result in annulment of the Dispute and no refund will be possible thereafter.


Cancellation Policy

All payments once processed are final and no refund can be claimed afterwards. If you made a payment by mistake or you immediately ask us to cancel an order within few minutes of making payment, then refund might be processed. It depends solely on management's decision whether a partial or full refund can be made.

In hindsight, when you make payment, it makes us assign you an expert and there are significant costs associated in doing so. As such full refunds are not possible and in most circumstances, we will make you partial refunds after deducting for such arrangements of getting you an expert.

When asking for a full refund, you don’t have the right to use the paper or any of the additional materials we provided you with in the course of work. All these materials become the property of our company, and we reserve the right to publish the paper online for commercial purposes.

The Multiple Choice Question assignments are not subjected to any refund.