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Pros and Cons of the Internet Essay - Essay on Internet
  • Sep 2022
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Pros and Cons of the Internet Essay - Essay on Internet

26th September 2022

Writing an essay about the internet may help you recognize the benefits of technology as well as the drawbacks to be aware of.

Here are some great internet essay themes, followed by facts and ideas to help you build a good case. Choose the appropriate emphasis and prepare to wow your lecturer with a well-written paper.

Writing About the Internet: Essay Types and Topics

The internet is an excellent topic for a technology essay and may be used in several essay formats. Here are some of the most popular and fascinating study topics: 

1. Pros and cons of the internet. How has the internet changed our lives? 

Both essay question versions need treatment of both good and negative features, as well as a brief expression of your viewpoint in the end. In truth, you may apply the same concepts, tailoring your response to the challenge.

For instance, one advantage of the internet/one way the internet has revolutionized our life is that it has enabled us to work and employ remotely.

The same is true for the essay prompt, "The Effects of the Internet on Our Lives." The essence of the prompt is the same, however, this phrase is more appropriate if you are proficient in cause and effect essays.

2. Is the impact of the internet on society rather positive or negative? 

Unlike the other assignments, this one is for an argumentative essay. This implies you should choose a side and argue for one of two viable thesis statements:

(1) The internet has a favorable impact on society, with some negative repercussions connected with abuse of technology, or 

(2) Despite certain benefits, the internet has a detrimental impact on modern society. As a result, throughout the body of an essay, you must give facts and ideas that support your position and disprove any counterarguments.

3. Internet addiction essay

A sociology essay about internet addiction might be a wonderful topic. If you need to create an argumentative essay, a fantastic issue to research is whether or not internet addiction exists.

Talk about online gaming and the dread of missing out that comes with social media addiction. You might also create a problem-solution essay, emphasizing the prevalence of internet addiction and proposing a plausible remedy.

4. Is the internet making people stupid? 

Carr's thesis about Google making us stupid is the ideal place to start when writing an article on this subject. If you agree with Carr, the major points to make are a lack of focus and a progressive loss of profound reading abilities.

5. Is the internet the guarantee of democracy or its demise? 

Again, this is an argumentative essay topic that asks you to take only one side. Focus on positives such as the inability to filter and conceal critical information, as well as the capacity to mobilize protests, rather than risks to democracy such as the proliferation of fake news and the ability to manipulate public opinion.

6. Should the internet be considered a basic human right? 

Students who wish to stand out with their online essays should highlight the argument over the right to internet access or argue for one viewpoint on the matter.

Do you think free internet access for everybody will become a reality anytime soon? Will this come at the expense of being duped into purchasing stuff (voting for persons) we don't need?

7. Should speech on the internet be censored? 

When replying to news and comments online, people are more likely to employ hate speech than when responding offline.

What is more important: creating a secure online environment for everyone or ensuring freedom of expression (a comparable argument is not going place concerning free speech on campus)?

Who should be in charge of regulating hate speech, and how can we ensure that censors do not misuse their authority?

Consider the blocking of notable politicians' accounts, as well as the role of Facebook and Twitter authorities in determining whose voices may and cannot be heard on the internet.

Should there be more action to combat disinformation propagated by some nations (Russia being the most notable example)?

8. Internet privacy and safe internet use

Cyberbullying, online grooming, cybercrime, and corporate data breaches necessitate effective public education on the dangers of the internet.

Should such classes be made mandatory in schools? For new parents? For workers?

9. The impact of the internet on marriage and sex  

Porn and dating sites, as well as the availability of sexuality-related educational resources, appear to have a significant influence on sexual and marital life. Is the impact favorable or negative?

10. Information in the age of the internet 

Examine how instant access to information has changed the importance of theoretical knowledge and analytical ability.

Is modern education keeping up with societal change, and can the internet assist in bridging the gap? Do we now live in a post-truth era?

Advantages of the Internet  

Here is a list of internet perks that you might investigate more or extend in your essay:

  • Streamlines daily chores such as shopping, obtaining vital services, receiving medical consultations, and taking the shortest route to our locations.

  • Allows for rapid and easy contact with relatives and friends all across the world.

  • Encourages research by making large volumes of data available and making it simple to share research findings.

  • Provides access to new and useful business tools (including the benefits of using online tools, online advertising, working remotely, etc.)

  • Allows a corporation to access a bigger pool of talent and pick a better employer without being limited to a local search.

  • Online learning materials and forums have been enabled, significantly increasing access to education.

  • Joining communities that are not present or cannot be easily located locally, such as LGBT communities, ex-pats, eco-activists, special professional unions, and so on, is possible.

  • Capability to bring public attention to societal concerns and launch major social movements like #metoo, as well as revolutions.

  • New forms of entertainment are being introduced.

  • Social networking and blogging platforms enable self-expression by allowing users to share creative material, knowledge, and preferences.

Disadvantages of the Internet 

  1. It impairs people's capacity to focus and concentrate, as well as their long-term memory abilities (not an assumption but the conclusions of scientific research now).

  2. A steady stream of news from across the world and our friends may be highly stressful and raise anxiety. At the same time, regular use of the internet, particularly social networking sites, leads to FOMO and even online addiction, which prevents us from limiting the amount of news we are exposed to.

  3. Is a significant environmental cost that is generally ignored.

  4. Allows for online bullying, trolling, and grooming, which is more difficult to analyze and combat than offline attempts.

  5. Algorithms are designed to delight the user and, as a result, deliver material that the user is likely to like and agree with. This restricts our access to alternative points of view and opinions, widening the divide between opposing groups.

  6. Cybercrime is a severe problem, and our increasing reliance on the internet for medical, financial, and governmental purposes might have unanticipated effects.

  7. Post-truth politics and armies or bots may easily alter the public mood.

  8. Negative online replies offer the illusion of action and make the community feel as if they have achieved change; yet, it frequently merely allows them to cool off and not worry about taking meaningful efforts. This phenomenon and its consequences are best shown by studies on censorship in China, which allows official criticism but bans information connected to social mobilization.

  9. It is impossible to suggest that online communication damages "actual" conversation because both are extremely real and are now a vital part of our lives. In reality, much research indicates that internet communication may help, rather than hinder, offline communication. The sole proven negative consequence is the incidence of pornographic viewing in teenagers, which reduces social connection and bonding with caregivers and is the biggest predictor of marriage quality reduction over time.

  10. Constant computer usage during the working day causes a variety of physical health issues, ranging from evident visual and musculoskeletal issues to cardiac problems and premature mortality due to the long sitting time.

How to Write an Internet Essay

Here are the steps of writing a successful essay: 

  • Choose a specific topic or the emphasis of your essay (prior sections should have aided you in this process);

  • Do your homework if you are asked to mention trustworthy sources. Otherwise, think about the arguments you want to express;

  • Outline the structure of your essay, briefly indicating what points you will develop in each paragraph or section and how much space you can devote to each (sticking to the required word count is critical, so calculate an average amount of words you can use to develop each supporting point to make the argument balanced).

  • Make a rough draft of a thesis statement based on the arguments you intend to make;

  • Look for fascinating facts or figures to assist you to develop an engaging essay start.

  • Write your essay based on the plan you developed, then reread and update your thesis statement as needed.

  • Format the formatting and citations, then use one of the online grammar checkers to double-check your article (these will not edit your essay for free, but will help you catch occasional mistakes and unintentional plagiarism). If you believe there are terminology and structural flaws in your essay, create an editing order and I will assist you in resolving them.

Which online essay topic piqued your interest the most?

In your personal life, what good or bad consequences have you noticed?

Please share in the comments; We'd love to hear!



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