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Essay Writing Tips: How To Write An Essay?
  • Aug 2020
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Essay Writing Tips: How To Write An Essay?

27th August 2020

How to Write An Essay

It doesn’t matter who you are, you would have written an essay in your school or college or probably are going to write one in the coming months or years. If you belong to the second group, worry not! If it turns out that essay writing is not your cup of tea, you can always have professional essay writers do my paper for me. Professional paper writing services like DoMyEssay are ready to help you 24/7.

Writing an essay is a very simple task for some students while some find it a very difficult task. This is because some students crack the format of writing the essay whereas many find it hard to structure it. 

For a beginner or someone who has no clue about essay writing, this might be a difficult question, “ How to write an Essay”? No worries, we have an answer to this question. Writing an essay is considered as a dreaded task especially among students. Here comes an answer to this question “How do you write a really good essay”? Writing an effective academic essay includes three basic steps:

Preparation, writing and revision.

  • Prepare a topic well by doing proper research.

  • Start writing the essay with some attractive lines, give evidence in the main body to prove your points and wind up with a proper conclusion.

  • Before writing the essay, go through the content nicely, check the mistakes and other errors. It is very important to learn early on “How to write an effective essay”?

  • Be very specific while choosing a topic. Always try to choose a general topic.

  • Break your essay into fragments to give better knowledge of the topic to the readers.

  • If you are a student and want to write an essay for school, the best way is to note down the important points of your ideas, this will help you in writing the essay in an organized manner.

Essay Writing Tips: Essay guide on writing a perfect essay

Before writing an essay, it is important to know how to structure an essay. Designing an essay requires proper knowledge of the topic and of course practise. Once you learn how to write an effective essay, you can design any piece of writing into an effective one.

Learning the basic essay format will help you know which content should be placed where and when. This structure is the primary step towards learning about how to write an essay. 

Today, we are here with an essay guide on writing a perfect essay. 

Some steps to writing an essay are as follows:

  • Choose a topic to write

  • Design an attractive and appropriate title to draw the attention of the readers.

  • Gain full knowledge of the topic.

  • Avoid writing very long essays. You don’t have to go off the track by making it too long. 

  • Use simple and crisp language. Using simple language will help the reader to understand the crux of the topic. 

A perfect essay requires proper knowledge of essay format. The proper basic structure that you should follow while writing an essay includes the following steps:

Picking a topic:

It is very essential to choose an interesting topic from different topics to write about for an essay. If you are given a topic, gather the points. 

If you have not been assigned a topic, choose a general topic. Choosing a topic that you have interest in will help you in writing an excellent as well as a detailed essay.

Remember to begin by brainstorming and think of relevant points on the topic.

Research and gather ideas:

Have a proper research on the topic. This will help you to gain expertise in the topic. Essay writing especially requires full research on your topic through reliable sources. You can use Wikipedia, journals as some of the primary sources for researching the topic.

The research process for essay writing will help you gather some questions related to the topic as well. You can plan the content of the essay on the basis of your research as well as the research questions. 

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Prepare an outline:

Since we’re learning how to write an essay, creating an outline is very important. Some students face problems and don’t know the meaning of outlining and how to write an essay outline for college

The outline means structuring the essay. Now that you’ve conducted the research it’s time to pen down the exact points that you want to cover while writing the essay. 

Critically create your outline and try to explain your essay in an organised way. While writing, don’t try to be a perfectionist, use simple words with no grammatical error.

Pick a Writing Style

Writing an essay isn’t all about focusing on a specific topic; you also need to make sure that you’ve got the appropriate writing style — one that fits neatly into what you’re writing about. If you are writing an essay for school, you may find that the topic at hand — or your teacher — is what is dictating the writing style. Generally, though — there are three distinct writing styles that you’re the most likely to come across. Turning an ordinary essay into an effective one requires a lot of time and efforts.

The Modern Language Association is a writing style meant to be used in essays on the humanities and language arts; as you might assume, college and high school students use this style most often. 

The American Psychological Association is a style more specifically used for essays and research papers pertaining to psychology and social sciences.

And finally, the third one is the style in compliance with the Chicago Manual of Style. This style has two variants depending on what kind of paper you are writing. 

These styles are distinct for a variety of reasons, though mostly in terms of the formation of citations, and the language most often used in them.


The question” How do you start an essay”? One of the best ways to start an essay is to start the intro with a catchy line or paragraph. It will automatically hook the reader and make him/her read the remaining part.

After developing the thesis, frame the introduction. Pen down such an intro which catches the reader's attention. Begin with a question, dialogue or some shocking information. The introductory paragraph should not be very long. With that, it should also explain the whole context of the topic. 

Now that you’ve learnt about how to begin an essay, it’s time for writing the main content. 

Frame the body of the essay

After the introduction paragraph, the turn comes for the main body. The body of your essay contains explanation and proper description of the topic. 

This part includes detailed explanation of each and every point related to the topic. The main content resides here. You need to mention all the important information in a systematic way. 

Writing the essay in a systematic way includes breaking the essay in proper paragraphs. A paragraph should not be too long because it takes away the reader's attention. 

To prove your words, give evidence in the middle as well.

Write the conclusion:

Generally, the conclusion isn’t given much attention while writing an essay, but it is one of the most important parts of an essay. 

Conclusion means winding up your essay. It should explain the questions mentioned in the essay as well as make a relation between the arguments and content. 

It should be the sum of overall ideas. Give four to five strong sentences in the form of a quote or a  proverb as well. 

Review the essay:

This point is very essential while writing the essay. Review your essay by checking the structure of the essay, the style in which it is written, and of course important points and themes which your essay demands.

Don’t be overconfident and think that you’ve cracked the mantra of how to write an essay. Reviewing is very important as it helps in finding out the areas of improvement as well as committed mistakes. 

Proofread and check plagiarism:

Proofreading and checking plagiarism answers the simple questions of “why are details important in writing”. 

Proofread your essay by checking out common mistakes of conjunctions. Read your essay to catch the grammatical errors. Check that there is no copied word to ensure that your essay is plagiarism free.

Correcting minor mistakes and taking care of the tiniest details will make the essay even better.

Essay Checklist: Proper Essay Format Example & Template

Follow this essay checklist to keep all the things to keep in mind while writing an essay. 

  • Research is the number one priority as the content of the essay depends on the research. 

  • The context of the essay should be explained properly in the beginning. 

  • The essay should be given a proper structure and divided into paragraphs. 

  • Using simple language is the key to write an effective essay. 

  • Reviewing the essay is the most important thing after completing the essay. 

  • Conclusion should leave a positive impact on the reader's mind. 

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Practise is the key if you want to know how to get better at writing essays. Write more and more essays if you’re wondering how to improve essay writing

We hope these essay writing tips have helped you in learning about how to write an essay. If you follow these steps it will help you write scholarship essays and many more types of essays. These tips will ultimately guide you towards drafting a perfect essay.



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