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The Main Benefits Of Having A Graduate Diploma Of Accounting
  • Oct 2021
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The Main Benefits Of Having A Graduate Diploma Of Accounting

8th October 2021

When you are looking to enter the accounting profession, then having a Graduate Diploma of Accounting is essential. You should consider that this qualification will get you an entry into the industry, and it goes without saying that better job opportunities will open up for you because of your enhanced level of credentials. 

An accounting graduate will have gained an understanding of accounting principles including financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, and taxation. Graduates also learn skills in numeracy, information technology, communication, and literacy together with the ability to analyze problems and come up with solutions to real-world issues which can be implemented in business settings.

An accountant may work in almost any industry where finances are involved, while some become managers themselves, managing large teams of accountants or other staff members.

The main benefits associated with holding a graduate diploma in accounting are listed below for your consideration:

 Globally Recognized

More and more, employers are requiring postgraduate qualifications for entry-level positions. The majority of Graduate Diploma students come from overseas or interstate, therefore having a post-graduate qualification can be very beneficial in helping you secure employment overseas too.

The Graduate Diploma is recognized by the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board (APESB) as at the same level of study as a Master’s degree. As such, graduates are able to use their Graduate Diploma qualification for entry into Chartered Membership with The Accountants' Association of Australia and New Zealand (AA ANZ).

Even though MBA and CPA requirements tend to vary from place to place, having a Graduate Diploma can make you increase your professional value now and in the future. 

Graduates often find themselves being exposed to multicultural work environments, which develop skills such as cultural awareness and sensitivity management, particularly in the accounting sector where international clients are commonplace.

Furthermore, these experiences open up opportunities for graduates to take advantage of working for multinational organizations moving forward in their accounting careers

Improve Your Resume 

Having a graduate diploma in accounting on your resume looks good to employers. It says to them that you have studied further, and this gives them confidence in your abilities as an accountant. Even if they don't offer you a higher-paid position straight away, they may use their discretion and promote you or give you better working hours.

You will also be seen as more employable if you hold a graduate diploma in accounting because employers like graduates who are determined to pursue their careers further. All industries can benefit from getting an accountant who has studied for this qualification, and it is definitely worth the time, effort, and money that it takes to complete.

Work Ready

Graduate Diploma graduates are more than ready to face the challenges of the job market. They have acquired knowledge of various theories and concepts in different areas of accounting, auditing, financial planning, and taxation.

They also understand the importance of up-to-date compliance with privacy legislation and regulations regarding information technology. Most Graduate Diploma graduates will enter their first job within six months of graduating. Graduate Diploma graduates are highly sought after by employers because of their advanced skills and knowledge.

Exposure to New Technologies

The Advanced Diploma is designed for students who wish to expand on their professional skills while continuing their education at the postgraduate level.

Students take part in all forms of accounting assignments and acquire knowledge in finance, strategic management, international business analysis, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior together with information technology skills including SAP software applications. Professional development activities such as mentoring opportunities from

Better Pay

Many companies have developed policies that give preference to job applicants with Graduate Diploma qualifications over those with undergraduate degrees when recruiting staff for professional roles - especially when two candidates seem otherwise equally suited to the role. This is because it is widely acknowledged that post-graduate qualifications demonstrate more commitment to one's career than an undergraduate degree. 

Opportunity To Study In A New Field 

Studying at the graduate level gives students the chance to broaden their perspectives, develop new skills and explore new subjects, allowing them to gain valuable knowledge from different academic disciplines. Furthermore, choosing a different field of study allows the student to expand their career options.

Increased Career Prospects

Not only are Graduate Diploma graduates more likely to secure employment, but they're also more competitive for promotion at work. A postgraduate degree will allow you to have a perceived wider skill base, which in turn increases your credibility and employability.

Having a Graduate Diploma qualification can open up career paths previously not available because of lack of formal education or training. Employers look more favorably upon employees with post-graduate qualifications, which means you'll be able to take on bigger roles and responsibilities within your company - gaining invaluable experience along the way!

You Can Teach Others 

Having a Graduate Diploma of Accounting can make you an attractive applicant for senior lecturer positions in universities and TAFE colleges, as well as being a qualified accountant. As a graduate diploma holder, you'll have hands-on knowledge of finance and accounting, which will give you the edge over other applicants who rely purely on theory taught through their tertiary qualifications.

Become An Industry Leader

There is a demand for graduates who hold professional and post-graduate qualifications in the accounting industry. Graduates can expect to be employed as professionals such as tax accountants, corporate financiers, and compliance managers teaching academics; research analysts; or financial consultants.

As such, having a Graduate Diploma of Accounting will give you the edge over your peers not only now but into the future too. Many top companies offer Graduate Diploma students sponsorship, allowing them to take unpaid leave from their day job,

so they can concentrate on completing their thesis and submit it before commencing work full time again. Having a Graduate Diploma qualification could help you to secure a job that would otherwise be out of reach. It could also enhance your current position and provide opportunities for advancement.

Many Master’s degrees are structured with half of your study focusing on general business skills rather than specific industry knowledge. Your degree will also take at least two years to complete if you are studying full time, which is often too late for employers who require employees who can hit the ground running.

On the other hand, with a Graduate Diploma qualification, students have already completed many of their core modules - allowing for a faster transition between study and employment. It is also possible to complete some units concurrently while working if you feel you might need to focus more on work after completing your studies. 

With an ever-increasing demand for competent professionals with Graduate Diploma qualifications, it is highly likely that any graduate who secures employment with a recognized organization will have set themselves up for future career development and growth prospects with continued professional development. The rewards associated with holding a graduate diploma are great indeed!



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