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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. the process of mentoring Thank you in advance for the help! The Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute (PHI) states that nursing assistant and home health aid positions are two of the fastest-growing occupations. With this in mind, peer mentoring has become very important to the institute. PHI suggests that the primary role of the mentor is helping new employees find comfort in their job responsibilities and to help them learn the culture of the workplace. In other words, mentors are responsible for making sure their employees understand their responsibilities and are comfortable doing them. These actions help employees state with an organization.

Gibson (2006) studied the role of organizational politics and culture at an educational institution. The goal of mentoring in her study was to improve both individual and organizational performance. The challenge for some mentor relationships is that the politics in the organization and the organizational culture can become a barrier for some employees who are not in a mentor relationship. There are many informational networks and other systems that work within an organization that some employees are left out of or do not know how to access. As an example, women are often left out of these important networks and they can feel left out of the major aspects of their jobs (Gibson, 2006). Gibson suggests that networking works for women better than men sometimes because women are more rooted in relationships.

Politics and culture play a large role in many organizations so initiatives to integrate employees at all levels must be in place. There must be structures in place that also help minorities enter into mentoring relationships when the culture is difficult to maneuver.

Career development is a very important aspect of an individual's career and one of the many ways professionals gain more experience in their career development is through mentoring. Mentoring is also one of the most important ways to advance a reputation is to continue education after obtaining a position in some organizations.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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