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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Roles of an Account Planner in Advertising

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Roles of an Account Planner in Advertising


Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Roles of an Account Planner in Advertising. An effective advertising campaign should involve an account planner, who can be described as a person with extensive training, and experience as well as an expert in acquiring information and utilizing it in a professional manner to maximize the results. This essay is a critical evaluation of the roles of an account planner, aimed at convincing a client on why he should involve one on the agency team for his brand.

Advertising as discussed herein is a process that requires high coordination of activities so that a smooth running is achieved in achieving the desired results. It is not possible for everyone in the marketing department to wake up and go to the society to introduce a product without first having to acquire information and views of the targeted market group. This is where the role of the account planner comes in. To begin with, he has the responsibility of conducting research and processing the raw data acquired, so that he can be in a position to add quality to the marketing events long before they take place. According to Steel, going out to advertise without first of all conducting research is equivalent to a pilot flying or a person walking without exactly knowing where he or she is going (Steel 1998, 33). By so doing, he would be wasting a lot of time finding a way to his destination or even fail to reach it. This is important in that it helps to identify areas or regions that require more attention than others. For example, if the mode of advertising is through roadshows, it is almost impossible and costly to crisscross the whole country for example. What he does is that he goes out ahead collecting data for example in areas that are highly populated and where there is a possibility of acquiring large audience while at the same time coming up with important conclusions (Gobe 2001, 75). These are for example whether the brand in line is well known to the residents and if not, what product do they know instead.

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