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Homework answers / question archive / Respond to the following in 260-word count content each

Respond to the following in 260-word count content each


Respond to the following in 260-word count content each.

Q1.   Even though an excess of 20 ships daily is sitting at anchor outside of the Los Angeles harbor. The bottleneck supply chain issue in the Country is being blamed on the pandemic. They say because there are not enough trucks to move the containers fast enough to make room for more off-loaded containers.  The question is, is the bottleneck because of the pandemic or some new regulation enacted in California which would go to an enterprise risk (external threat)?

Q2.   You will need to keep in mind and consider that companies exist to make a profit and benefits are a cost of labor for the company. This same principle applies to a non-profit which is an IRS designation and too many names non-profit implies that a company is not making and/or focused on a profit. The fact is that even a non-profit must make a profit, but they have to budget to use any profit the following year.

The following is a high-level formula:

Total Cost of goods (COS) and/or service (per unit) + Profit (per unit) = Price of goods and/or service (per unit)

 The question then is does a small business capitalize on social media to reduce costs and increase profits? social media effect/have an impact

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