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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment 1 Required:   1

Assignment 1 Required:   1


Assignment 1



1. Prepare a T1 Return for Ms. Smith using the ProFIle Software. You can assume all the personal information (address, Sin etc) .

2. Submit the ProFIle file (either .17T.18T or .19T pr .20T) extension. DO not submit the PDF file. It has to be ProFile File. You can assume the information presented in this case as per the year you have chosen.

3. Complete the attached excel file and also submit it along with ProFIle file.

4. Excel answers would have a weight of 60% and ProFIle file has a weight of 40%.

5. Follow the instructions in the excel religiously.

6. Submit your excel with the following naming format:

First Name_Last Name_Assignment 1


Claim the maximum CCA (business and property) in order to reduce the tax liability. No CCA should be claimed against the personal residence. Ignore GST/HST on sales and expenses.


Ms. Smith has been working for her employer for over a decade. The table below summarizes the information from her T4 slip.


Employment Income

Box 14


Box 16


Box 18


Box 22


Box 24


Box 26



Business Income

In addition to working a standard 9 a.m.-5 p.m. job, Ms. Smith had an innovative idea and a couple of years ago she started her own business. The details you will need to complete her T1 Return are below:

· The unincorporated business earns $6,000 per month.

· Ms. Smith operates an unincorporated business out of her personal residence and the entire basement is dedicated to the business on nights and weekends. The house has three levels, including the basement. No other part of the house is used to earn income. Ms. Smith regularly meets clients there to discuss future sales.

· To furnish the home office, Ms. Smith spent $5,000 on office furniture on January 1, 2018. Ms. Smith was getting tired of the dated bathroom on the top floor of the house and decided to renovate it for a cost of $25,000.

· The monthly heating and utility bills are $120 and $150, respectively.

· Ms. Smith pays her mortgage twice a month (24 times a year) and the payments are $750. The outstanding mortgage balance on January 1, 2018 was $233,000 and on December 31, 2018 it was $219,500.

· The property tax bills were paid on time, directly to the city and the cost was $4,000 (the property tax amounts were not rolled into the mortgage).

· On January 1, 2018, she purchased a brand-new computer for $1,500 and bought new software (not the operating system software) at the same time for $1,000.

· Ms. Smith pays $45 per month for online local advertising.

· In order to drum up business, Ms. Smith purchased seasons tickets for both the Senators and the Redblacks.

· The cost for the Senators tickets (2) for $1,500 each. Ms. Smith will take a client to every hockey game; she has not missed a game in over five years.

· The cost for the Redblacks tickets (4) for $350 each. The same goes for the Redblacks, she hasn’t missed a game either and it’s a family tradition for her, her spouse and their two nieces to attend the games together.

· Due to environmental reasons, Ms. Smith does not own a car, so she rides her bike whenever she needs to meet a client or a supplier.

· During the 2018 taxation year, Ms. Smith purchased $32,000 worth of items for resale in her business.

· Her brother is always helping out with the business; however, he has never received any kind of renumeration for the assistance he has provided.

· Ms. Smith has a business bank account and the monthly banking fees associated with this account are $5 a month.

· In March of 2018, one of Ms. Smith’s best customers went bankrupt and was unable to pay for the purchased she made and received in December 2017 (accrual method of accounting is being used by Ms. Smith). In 2017, the customer purchased $3,500 in goods.

· Ms. Smith pays $75 a month for a storage locker that she has had for over 3 years. Everything in the storage locker was bequeathed to her from her great uncle. She has no use for the items, but she can’t seem to let them go.

· A couple of years ago, Ms. Smith received an inheritance and she decided to use that money to purchase two condominium units in the same development. Both units are finalized on January 2, 2018 and they were both rented out for the entirety of the 2018 taxation year.

· Condo 1 had a purchase price of $250,000 and is rented out for $825 a month. The monthly condo fees are $60, and Ms. Smith paid in total $4,200 in mortgage interest. The property taxes were $2,500, and the insurance for the unit was $400. The tenant that rented out this property all year told Ms. Smith that she hated the colour of the carpet in the bedrooms. In order to keep the tenant happy, Ms. Smith paid to get the carpet replaced for $1,350.

· Condo 2 had a purchase price of $550,000 and is rented out for $2,250 a month. The monthly condo fees are $140, and Ms. Smith paid in total $17,800 in mortgage interest. The property taxes are $5,500, and the insurance for the unit was $800. This is the bigger of the two units and Ms. Smith decided that she would buy a freezer for $1,000 for the tenants as the freezer that came with the fridge was too small for a family of four.

· In 2017, Ms. Smith received a hot stock tip from a friend regarding a brand-new industry and she decided to buy 10,000 shares at $2.50 each. The investment did not turn out so well and on December 30th, 2018, Ms. Smith decided to sell all the shares at $0.75. She was devasted when she had to sell them, but she was scared that the share price would have dropped even lower.

· In 2018, Ms. Smith received another hot stock tip from an article she read online. On March 1st, 2018, she bought 500 shares at $35 each. Due to the financial instability she decided to also sell all of these shares on December 30, 2018 for $38.50 each. Ms. Smith has sworn off self-directed investments due to the stress they both caused her over the past 18 months.

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