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Homework answers / question archive /   an attack against an enemy The ______ on pearl harbor was an unexpected tragedy that will never be forgotten

  an attack against an enemy The ______ on pearl harbor was an unexpected tragedy that will never be forgotten



  1. an attack against an enemy
    The ______ on pearl harbor was an unexpected tragedy that will never be forgotten.
  2. distribution
    The amount of the the ______ of the uniforms/warm ups was ridiculous, it was like playing wheres waldo just to find your size in clothes in the giant unorganized bins.
  3. to annoy
    Sometimes, she is so stupid it just ____s me to be around her.
  4. sincere, do something with heart
    Santa ______ delivers present to kids all over the world each year, it shows how much he really cares.
  5. to add details
    After every vocab card assignment, I am always asked to ____ on my sentences.
  6. gather/bring together
    The coach would _____ us after each game to talk about what we did well and what we didn't; I'll never forget how much grass I picked while sitting in that circle on the ground.
  7. unpredictable
    My parents are so _____ its frustrating, we could be going on vacation tomorrow and I wouldn't know until that morning.
  8. a state of peace, serenity
    My room is my _______, I can get away from everything else in the world and just jam out.
  9. unfair/immoral act, a sin
    The shooting at Sandy Hook elementary was an _____, and something 27 parents, along with all of America, will never forget.
  10. to persist, not give up
    When having a tough time, I always tell myself that I'm not going to ____ in the subject. However, I usually push through my issues and continue.
  11. something that's shaped
    Bored, I stared at how the _____ chair had so many swirls on the back of it and mindlessly followed each line to pass the time.
  12. the border, where something ends/begins
    After multiple times of insulting him, I was on the ____ of punching her in the face, but still debating the consequences.
  13. subtle hate
    Sometimes when my mom's annoying me, I deliberately talk to her in a _____ way so she'll stop talking to me.
  14. absent from school without permission
    When Bridget told me we might skip school to go to Broadway, I was so excited I didn't even care about being a _____.
  15. always ready to argue or fight
    Politicians are always _____, always ready to do whatever needs to be done to be voted in.
  16. arrogant way of talking to others
    Some people don't understand my ____, it's apart of my humor an I'm only kidding. I don't actually think that highly of myself.
  17. short, shortened, small, smaller than normal
    The _____ boy was self conscious about his height, so I told him he'll grow eventually.
  18. easy going, not hurried or forced
    It bothers some teachers that I'm _____ when it comes to my school work, I can't tell why it bothers them if I sleep in class or not.
  19. spread out
    The clothes in my room were hard to find, as they were ____ all over my room
  20. a mystery to you, something you don't understand
    The fact that my dad gets me up at 12 am during THE SUMMER will always ____ me.
  21. filled
    The day was ____ with awkward moments considering everybody kept leaving the 2 of us alone, with no conversation.
  22. try not to do something
    When I have sugar, I find it hard to ____ myself from being weird in public.
  23. easily irritated or annoyed
    After a long day of being _____, I thought back and decided I could have been slightly nicer to people.
  24. narrow minded, not flexible
    It didn't take me long to discover that Alison was very ____ when she refused to give me MY jacket back.
  25. friendly, pleasant
    When my dad was telling me how ____ the one girl was, I immediately disagreed to say she was actually quite snobby.
  26. to be envious of
    When Lauren told me she had gotten an Ipod for Christmas, I immediately had to _____ because I had not.
  27. quiet sound, mumbled
    My dad's constantly complaining how Brian and I _____ what we say, so we tell him to get a hearing aid.
  28. grant something in an argument
    When trying to persuade my mom to get me the bag i really wanted, I was hoping she'd give in soon and grant a ____.
  29. finally accept something
    At the very end of our friendship, I finally decided to _____ that I would never understand why she does the things she does.
  30. expression of disapproval
    When I showed up to the next practice, Kathy clearly showed her ______ because I had skipped the practice the day before.


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