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Homework answers / question archive / Introducing your chosen company (British Petroleum Plc)

Introducing your chosen company (British Petroleum Plc)


Introducing your chosen company (British Petroleum Plc). 

The introduction should include the purpose and scope of your chosen company, including an overview of your company.

The overview should include the following:

· History of the company through the lenses of people, planet, and profits

· Commendable accomplishments and possible issues

· Short- and long-term impacts due to lack of responsible behavior

Introduction: Summarize the history of this company through the lenses of people, planet, and profits. For example, what are some of the commendable accomplishments and some possible.

Within the analysis of issues, address the following:

I.  Analysis of Issues:

For this section of the assessment, you will provide an outline of your analysis of the company’s corporate responsibility including people, planet, and profit.

A. Personnel (people):

 1. Major stakeholders: List three to five major stakeholders.

2. Personnel relations: Identify two to three elements of personnel relations in the company information you have reviewed.

B. Environmental (planet):

 1. Positive impact on the environment: Identify at least two positive impacts on the environment because of your selected company’s initiatives.

2. Demonstration of corporate irresponsibility or responsibility: Identify at least two situations you believe reflected responsible or irresponsible corporate action, or one of each.

 3. Short- and long-term effects of the current environmental policies: As you review the environmental policies for your selected company what do you see as a short-term effect and a long-term effect?

C. Sound Business Practices (profit):

1. Stakeholders affected by company profits: Who are the stakeholders? How do stakeholders in general benefit from company profits?

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