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Homework answers / question archive / Hello there I need help answering below questions 1

Hello there I need help answering below questions 1


Hello there I need help answering below questions 1.) Identify five

companies that provide new hire orientations and write a report that describes what each of the five (companies covers in its orientation.   At least 1 of the (5) companies should be one that you research through a telephone interview, research through a personal visit, or know from personal experience.  This report should include objectives, schedules/outlines, etc., to convey what these organizations stress in new employee orientations.   In addition, include noted "best practices" activities that personally impress you.    Question 2 Create a training program identifying the main topics that you think should be covered in a new employee orientation for an existing or imaginary company.  Be specific.  Your training program should include an outline of topics, schedule, five course learning objectives, and what you consider the best delivery method.     I appreciate all the help I can get.

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