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Homework answers / question archive / Discussion 3: Group Dynamics   Part 1: 1

Discussion 3: Group Dynamics   Part 1: 1


Discussion 3: Group Dynamics


Part 1:

1. What do you consider to be the most important positive group variables? Explain. 

2. Are some group variables more important for some types of groups than for others? Explain. 

3. Which variables would be most crucial in the following types of groups:

(a). a group for troubled adolescents,

(b). a group for college students experiencing anxiety,

(c). a grief group for those who have lost someone, and

(d). a group for adults addicted to substances. Explain your answers.

4. In addition, discuss ways you might exert a positive influence in a group. Especially concentrate on the importance of factors that affect group dynamics, AND identify whether these factors are primarily those related to process or content. Explain your answer.

Part 2:

1. Which of the core mechanisms of group leadership do you see yourself best at implementing?

2. What experience(s) in your life give you insight into that strength(s)?


Please use evidence from the literature to support assertions, to add creditability to what you are asserting, to make connections, construct meaning, etc. Therefore, in-text citations are expected!!! At least two references must be included!!! Scholarly well-written posts are the expectation of APA format style writing!!!

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