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Homework answers / question archive / Video guide Out of the shadow (2006) RC 514

Video guide Out of the shadow (2006) RC 514


Video guide

Out of the shadow (2006)

RC 514.O98

Filmed over 5 years, Out of the shadow chronicles the filmmaker’s mother, Millie, who suffers from schizophrenia. The film illustrates the painful complexities of severe mental illness and the inadequate public health system set up to deal with it.


Learning objectives:


  1. What psychological disorder does Millie suffer from?


  1. How does Millie’s illness impact her life?


  1. What are some of the characteristics of Millie’s illness?


  1. How does her family remember her illness?
    1. Ex-husband Alan?


    1. Daughter Tina?


  1. How does her family deal with her illness?
    1. Alan (her husband)


    1. Tina (her daughter)


    1. Susan (her daughter)


  1. Eventually Millie hits rock bottom. What causes this?


    1. What does her family do to get her treatment?


    1. Where does she go to live after leaving the hospital?


  1. Why is our public health system unable to deal with Millie’s illness?


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