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Homework answers / question archive / Instruction: More than one answer can be accepted

Instruction: More than one answer can be accepted

Health Science

Instruction: More than one answer can be accepted. 

1.6 In California, when ownership of a physician practice changes due to  death or retirement, which of the following are true?  

a. The health records of the practice may be transferred to the new owner as assets.  

b. The health records of the original physician must be destroyed.  c. Patients have no right to their health records.  

d. Patients must be notified as to the location of their records.

2.10 The informed consent process requires informing the patient of which of the following ____________.  

a. hospital charges versus amount covered by insurance  

b. the risks and benefits of past treatment  

c. the risks of no treatment  

d. the nature and purpose of the proposed treatment  

e. statistics on successful surgeries  

f. the alternatives to proposed treatment  

g. the benefits of proposed treatment

3.15 Which of the following is/are factors that influence health record retention periods?  

a. Cost of retention  

b. Federal and state laws  

c. Needs of the media  

d. Statutes of permissions  

e. Organizational record retention policy  

f. Operational needs  

g. Hospital preference takes precedence over the law

4.18 The HIPAA security rule allows flexibility in implementation based on reasonableness and appropriateness. What does the covered entity use to make these determinations?  

a. Security capabilities of the covered entity’s system  

b. Name of the covered entity  

c. By ignoring addressable standards  

d. Implementation based on organizational assessment  

e. Implement only required standards 

f. Costs of security measures

5.19 In terms of healthcare documentation, integrity refers to the  __________.  

a. source or origin of information  

b. accuracy and completeness of health information  

c. timeliness of information  

d. co-signature of the attending physician

6.26 Which of the following statements about HIPAA training is true?

a. Privacy and security training should be separated.  

b. All workforce members must be trained  

c. Different levels of training are needed depending on an employee’s position in the organization.  

d. Only some employees in a health care organization need HIPAA training.  

e. Training is required under the HIPAA security rule.

7.28 Advance directives ______________.  

a. provide a way for physicians to ensure that life-saving treatment is  given, regardless of an individual’s wishes  

b. provide a way for individuals to communicate their healthcare  wishes before they become incapacitated `  

c. are prohibited by federal law  

d. are not legal documents, so they can be disregarded by providers  and judges  

e. provide a mechanism for families to abide by the patient’s wishes  when the patient can no longer provide consent 

8.30 The greatest threat to organizational security are due to _________.  

`               a. external hacking  

b. international threats  

c. environmental threats  

d. internal threats  

e. natural threats

9.32 A countersignature __________________.  

a. signifies disagreement with a first provider’s actions and  documentation  

b. is required by the Joint Commission for all health record entries  c. indicates that a multidisciplinary team of providers was involved in  a patient’s treatment  

d. signifies review of a first provider’s actions and documentation  

e. none of the above 



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