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Homework answers / question archive / Motlow State Community College - SPEECH 1010 Exercise 2

Motlow State Community College - SPEECH 1010 Exercise 2

Health Science

Motlow State Community College - SPEECH 1010

Exercise 2.A Understanding the Growth of a Relationship

1)Identify a current interpersonal relationship. Note: there are many kinds of relationships and you do not have to restrict yourself to the “romantic” type. No personal information is needed – just briefly describe what role this person plays in your life and how long you have been in this relationship.



  1. Using the stages discussed on pages 123-129 in the text, identify the current stage of your relationship. Explain why you selected that particular stage as your answer.



  1. Using the needs discussed on pages 119-120 in the text, what need do you think this relationship fulfills for you. Why?



  1. Explain the primary factor that led to the formation of this relationship (from the list on pages 121- 122).



  1. Explain an example of self-disclosure in this relationship. What do you think was the reason it occurred (page 131)? Was it a positive or negative experience? Why?


















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