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Homework answers / question archive / Due December 4, 40 points

Due December 4, 40 points

Health Science

Due December 4, 40 points. Submit in word processing format, not pdf.

TOP TIPS: The expectation is NOT a ROUGH draft, but a SOLID draft—as good as you can make the paper without help. Grading will follow accordingly—SEE RUBRIC. (Note also that this makes the best use of your tuition $$: No point in my suggesting that you do what you already planned to do later! ?) 

A typical outline for your draft would be the following (see RUBRIC for additional goals):

1. Brief introduction that engages interest and states your thesis. (1/2 page or less)

2. Explanation of the issue. What’s happening, or what happened? This section should be focused on the facts of the matter (who, what, when, where, why, how), and should rely on credible sources. (~1-1/2 pages)

3. Discussion of the bioethics of the issue. This section must give your reasoning/arguments, not just your conclusion. It needs to draw explicitly on ethical language and concepts we have learned in the course (or in some circumstances, useful ethical concepts you have learned elsewhere). Remember, this is a course in secular ethics, so you’ll need to “translate” religious convictions that guide you into secular language. (If you wish, your conclusion can make the connection to religious convictions explicit.) (~1-1/2 page)

4. Careful explanation of key criticisms someone might make of your reasoning/argument in #3. (~1/2 to 1 page)

5. Convince the critic in #4 that you have a good rebuttal to their critique, so that your response to the prompt is a good one despite their criticism. (~1/2-1 page)

6. Brief conclusion (1/2 page or less)


Include the following types and number of sources. Use each source substantively in your paper, with proper paraphrasing and citation:

At least 4 strong, relevant, important references to credible sources (see under Content/Course Technology and Supports/Library Resources and Writing Assistance).

            At least 2 sources (of the 4) must focus on bioethical issues related to your topic (such sources may be found in ethics or bioethics journals, opinion pieces in scientific journals, among our course materials, etc.).

            At least 1 source (of the 4) must discuss a substantially different perspective from yours on your topic: for example, by raising an objection to your view.


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