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Homework answers / question archive / 1)The leading product innovators follow the relay race model

1)The leading product innovators follow the relay race model


1)The leading product innovators follow the relay race model.            True    False


  1. The purpose of a protocol remains constant irrespective of the market segment and time.     True    False


  1. A good product protocol can help cut development time and accelerate the time to market by providing better product definition.                True    False


  1. The product protocol communicates essentials to all of the players, helps lead them into integrated actions, helps direct outcomes that are consistent with the full screen and financials, and gives all players their targets to shoot for.         True    False


  1. If done right, a product protocol gives requirements in words that can usually be measured and thus permits a development process to be managed.           True    False


  1. New products managers should focus only on the formal product.                True    False


  1. New product projects that use well-known and well-established technologies for product improvements are said to be "wildcatting."     True    False


  1. Features are the most desirable form of product attributes for a protocol to use.       True    False


  1. A company's success is assured if a product is developed in response to consumer's demands for specific features.          True    False


  1. Since product protocols are marketing tools, they should not include production or regulatory requirements.                True    False


  1. Quality function deployment (QFD) was invented in the Japanese automobile industry years ago as a tool of project control.             True    False


  1. In practice, the first step of quality function deployment (QFD) is the house of quality (HOQ).      

True    False


  1. In the house of quality (HOQ) approach, customer's needs are converted to the price of the product.               

True    False


  1. Quality function deployment (QFD) has been called "matrix hell" as a result of its massive data requirements, its complexity, and its tendency to raise conflicts that are difficult, if not impossible, to solve.    

True    False


  1. The protocol process is an aid to management, not a substitute for thinking.             True    False


  1. A _____ system is one in which all of the players begin working, doing as much as they can at any time as the project rolls along.             
      1. linear
      2. sequential
      3. concurrent
      4. non repetitive


  1. Leading product innovators use a type of ____ system instead of following the relay race model.    A. non-repetitive
      1. sequential
      2. concurrent
      3. linear


  1. Which of the following is true of a product protocol?            

A. In a product protocol, the negotiating parties are the functions—marketing, technical, operations, and  others.

B.A product protocol is a completely informal agreement that is based on negotiations that are       adversarial in nature.

C.Only a few members of the multifunctional team involved in a project are responsible for writing the       product protocol.

D. A product protocol includes a set of guidelines that deals with tax payments and other formalities.


  1. _____ is a technique used by Toyota to get cooperation across functional areas, to speed up integration, and to focus the team.      
      1. Wildcatting
      2. The Oobeya Room
      3. Preference mapping
      4. The Kaizen technique


  1. Which of the following is true of the Oobeya Room technique?        
      1. The Oobeya Room technique is conceptually very different from the idea of the product protocol.
      2. The Oobeya Room technique isolates functional areas and compels them to function autonomously. C The Oobeya Room technique is ineffective in overcoming challenges and doesn't give team members . the choice of working together.

D. The Oobeya Room technique is used to get cooperation across functional areas and to focus the team.


  1. Consumers and end-users tend to purchase:                A. only product protocols.
      1. only core benefits.
      2. formal products.
      3. fully augmented products.


  1. The first general purpose of a product protocol is to:              
      1. identify the target audience and the benefits offered to them.
      2. specify whether the offering is a tangible product or an intangible service.
      3. ensure that all tax payments with regard to the product are paid on time.
      4. specify what each department will deliver to the final product that the customer buys.


  1. Which of the following is true of a product protocol?            
      1. The product protocol is less than what will exist when the first prototype appears.
      2. The product protocol is the final step in the evolution of a concept.
      3. The product protocol remains consistent from market segment to market segment.
      4. The departments of a company do not have to depend on a product protocol to begin their work.


  1. A product protocol:     
      1. is more than what will exist when the first prototype appears.
      2. is the final step in the evolution of a concept.
      3. remains consistent from market segment to market segment.
      4. permits a development process to be managed.


  1. Which of the following is true of a product protocol?            A. It diversifies the actions of all the players involved.
      1. It is associated with the finance department of a firm.
      2. It gives all the players their target to shoot for.
      3. It is more than what will exist when the first prototype appears.


  1. New product projects that bet on a technology that has not yet been shown to work or just bet on a scientist with a good track record for coming up with saleable new products are said to be _____.    A. prospecting
      1. probing
      2. wildcatting
      3. researching


  1. The protocol statement clearly defines a firm's _____, which is a specific group of consumers having specific problems the firm hopes to solve at a profit for itself.           
      1. focus group
      2. target market
      3. core group
      4. augmented market


  1. The attempt to explain to a consumer why a specific product is the best choice for the solution to a specified problem is known as _____.             
      1. product validation
      2. product positioning
      3. product diversification
      4. product testing


  1. A product concept that originated in the advertising world that essentially says, "Product X is better for your use than other products because…." is known as:    A. product positioning.
      1. product innovation.
      2. wildcatting.
      3. product testing.


  1. Esqua Inc., a manufacturer of soaps and shampoos, claims that its latest brand of soaps, Esqua Plus, is superior to the average soap brand because, unlike other soaps, Esqua Plus combines both antibacterial and moisturizing properties and offers longer-lasting deodorant protection. In this scenario, which of the following concepts is Esqua using to encourage its customers to try its products?    A. Product positioning
      1. Product testing
      2. Product diversification
      3. Product innovation


  1. Product positioning can be facilitated to a large extent by _____, which provides key information on desirable positioning options for products.      
      1. the decay curve
      2. concept testing activities
      3. R&D activities
      4. the risk or payoff matrix


  1. Which of the following is a difference between function and feature?          
      1. A function refers to how an item will work, while a feature refers to what an item is.
      2. A function is linked to a product, while a feature is linked to a service.
      3. A function is a product attribute, while a feature is not.
      4. A function adds value to a product, while a feature does not.


  1. _____ are the most desirable form of product attributes for a protocol to use.    A. Features
      1. Traits
      2. Benefits
      3. Functions


  1. Merrill-Dow's advertisement, "The new bulk laxative will dissolve completely in a four-ounce glass of water in 10 seconds," refers to which of the following product attributes?    A. Feature
      1. Price
      2. Benefit
      3. Function


  1. Lasol Co., a manufacturer of instant foods, publishes an advertisement in the newspaper that reads, "Just add hot water and have your Lasol Curry Noodles ready in minutes!" Which of the following product attributes is Lasol focusing on in its advertisement?              
      1. Feature
      2. Price
      3. Function
      4. Benefit


  1. Which of the following best defines a product?         
      1. The target market of the product
      2. The positioning of the product
      3. The marketing plan of the product
      4. The attributes of the product


  1. An advantage of specifying the protocol in terms of _____ is that it places no constraints on the R&D staff: They are given free rein to figure out how best to design the product so that it provides the desired advantage.    
      1. benefits
      2. features
      3. price
      4. functions


  1. Performance specs or performance parameters are often used by marketers to define products and relate to the product attribute of _____.          
      1. feature
      2. function
      3. benefit
      4. tangibility


  1. Marketers may describe functions in a product protocol as _____.     
      1. performance parameters
      2. accrued benefits
      3. embedded features
      4. product features


  1. Protocols for services are most likely to be stated in _____.               
      1. design terms
      2. terms of features
      3. performance terms
      4. terms of functions


  1. Technical people often come up with _____ for a new product first, based on technologies they have.    A. prices
      1. features
      2. functions
      3. benefits


  1. When an automobile manufacturer makes a statement, "The car, using the new German 11-Z4 engine, must accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8 seconds," he is expressing a product function in terms of a(n) _____.    A. design parameter
      1. embedded feature
      2. cost benefit
      3. tangible feature


  1. Plants to be built and quality to be achieved is associated with which of the following components of a product protocol?      
      1. Production
      2. Financials
      3. Regulatory requirements
      4. Corporate strategy requirements


  1. _____ has been defined as a complete set of customer wants and needs, expressed in the customer's own language, organized the way the customer thinks about, uses, and interacts with the product, and prioritized by the customer in terms of both importance and performance.                
      1. Target market
      2. Voice of the customer
      3. Product positioning
      4. Product protocol


  1. ____ is a tool of project control invented by the Japanese automobile industry that can lead to reduced design time and costs, and more efficient communication between project team members from functional areas.    
      1. Voice of the customer
      2. Critical path method
      3. Business Process Modeling
      4. Quality function deployment


  1. Engineering characteristics and customer attributes are part of the _____.     
      1. VOC grid
      2. HOQ grid
      3. PLC grid
      4. TQM grid


  1. In the House of Quality (HOQ) approach, customers' needs are converted into _____.    A. product functions
      1. process operations
      2. technical specifications
      3. product prices


  1. Which of the following types of firms are most likely to question the need of utilizing quality function deployment (QFD)?    A. Consumer-goods firms
      1. Industrial product developers
      2. Home appliances firms
      3. Firms in the packaged food industry


  1. The protocol process is difficult because:        
      1. it is remarkably simple and therefore vague.
      2. all the key individuals involved are the same.
      3. the management does not exert the pressure necessary for important projects.
      4. it is fraught with politics.


  1. Protocols created by _____ are most likely to be accepted and successful.    
      1. marketing specialists
      2. multifunctional new products teams
      3. the top management
      4. technical teams


  1. What is a product protocol?     





  1. Discuss the general purposes of the product protocol statement.        





  1. Discuss product positioning.                





  1. What are the three types of product attributes?          





  1. What are the various advantages of using quality function deployment?       







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