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Homework answers / question archive / MPH635  Assignment #4: Complete Program Proposal - Paper and Presentation  35% of course grade / 70 points  You will produce your final program proposal in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for which you chose to submit a Letter of Intent

MPH635  Assignment #4: Complete Program Proposal - Paper and Presentation  35% of course grade / 70 points  You will produce your final program proposal in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for which you chose to submit a Letter of Intent

Health Science


Assignment #4: Complete Program Proposal - Paper and Presentation 

35% of course grade / 70 points 

You will produce your final program proposal in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for which you chose to submit a Letter of Intent. This proposal should incorporate feedback you have received from your peers and instructor throughout the term on draft plan materials, and should reflect a cohesive plan. 

The purpose of this assignment is to create a formal program proposal to justify funding support for your program.  




  • Papers should no more than ? ?20 pages long, double-spaced, 12-font and 1” margins all around. APA format should be followed throughout, including all cited references. References are not included in the 20-page limit, and should include all sources. Points will be docked for going over the page limit. 
  • Presentations should be 10-15 minutes long and presented on VoiceThread. Points will be docked for going over time. 
  • Peer Review of classmates’ presentations should be submitted using the provided template. 


Paper Contents:  ?Please follow the below outline as a guide.  Your paper should respond to all the requirements and limits described by the RFP for which you submitted a Letter of Intent in Week 1. Successful proposals will demonstrate a clear connection to the community being served and align clearly with the HealthyPeople 2020 Goals. 


Background: ?In this section, summarize the health problem. Provide an overview using the peer reviewed literature and/or health data about the public health significance of the issue in your target community and any disparities in risk factors or outcomes that affect your target community.


Community and Stakeholder Assessment: ?In this section, clearly define the parameters of the community your program will target. Provide a description of the assets, resources, and challenges that community faces that are relevant to the community’s health overall and/or regarding the health issue. Put the health issue into context by describing other health and social issues the community faces and justify why this health issue should be treated as a priority in your community. Finally, define other types of secondary and key stakeholders and describe their relationship to the community and your program, particularly those with whom your program will need to partner closely. 


Program goals, objectives, and outcomes: ?In this section, provide a complete Logic Model of?          the Problem? and identify a clear set of outcomes, objectives, and goals your program will target. Offer a specific and clear program goal statement. Goals and objectives should clearly uphold Healthy People 2030 goals.


Change Theory: ?In this section, provide an overview of relevant health promotion theory or theories that inform your program’s approach. Offer a review of other known effective interventions for this topic and comment on their applicability to your target community. Provide a complete ?Logic Model of Change? (“effect theory”) and explain how your program will create improvements in your stated goals, objectives, and outcomes. 


Program Theory and Implementation Plan: ?In this section, explain in further detail what activities your program will undertake and why. Provide a complete ?Program Theory? logic model that includes assumptions, activities, inputs and outputs. Identify what your program will do exactly, how often, and for whom. Discuss the resources needed to carry out the activities. Provide a 24 month timeline and  budget worksheet for all the resources needed with a justification for each cost. 


Evaluation Plan: ?In this section, outline your process and effects evaluation plans. Make sure your evaluation plans align with your change and program theories and that you have reflected evaluation activities in your budget. Describe at least 3 specific process measures and 3 specific effect measures and justify why and how you will measure them. Describe what you will do with the evaluation information. 


Sustainability Plan: ?In this section, describe your plans for creating a path to a sustainable future for your program. Outline the capacities and partnerships you anticipate needing for long-term sustainability and justify how your program is well-positioned to become a long lasting asset in the community. 


Stakeholder and Community Engagement: Finally, describe the role of community and?            stakeholder in the ongoing conceptualization and realization of this program. Describe how will you keep the community voice present in your program’s structure, activities, and goals, and what actions you will take to ensure your program meets the real community needs. 


Conclusion: ?Provide a compelling closing statement about the importance and potential of the program you have created. 


Attachments: ?Timeline, Budget Worksheet (required; see template),  Intervention and/or marketing materials that help convey the program (Optional) 


Presentation Contents:  ?Please reflect the contents of your proposal, including the sections listed above, but do so as though you are delivering a presentation to a stakeholder & community audience.  You may want to make more use of visuals in order to convey your plan in a clear and succinct way. 


Peer Review: ?Provide a formal peer review of one classmate’s needs assessment using a template provided by the instructor. I will assign you a peer to swap with and the template. 



Papers should be uploaded via Engage by ?11:59pm on Friday of Week 8. 

Presentations should be completed via VoiceThread by ?11:59pm on Friday of Week 8.  Peer Reviews should be uploaded via Engage by ?11:59pm on Sunday of Week 8






Community Assessment and




Several resources are used to thoroughly represent the community’s needs, assets and stakeholders. A variety of resources successfully represent the community perspective. (9-10)

Several resources are used to represent some community needs, assets and stakeholders. May be improved with other resources that represent more diverse perspectives. (8-8.5)

The community’s needs, assets, and stakeholders are described using a limited set of resources and more diverse perspectives are needed in order to be accurate. (7-7.5)

The community's needs, assets, and stakeholders are insufficiently described  (0.5-6.5)

Change theory: Goals, objectives, and



Change theory is clear and concise, clearly identifies

key outcomes with sound justification (9-10)

Change theory is

sufficient, identifies

outcomes but needs improvement for clarity


A theory of change is offered but is lacking in clarity in some way


Theory of change is insufficient or not provided (0.5-6.5)


Theory and Implementatio n plan  10pts 

The program approach is clearly and thoroughly described including activities that are well-justified in relationship to the outcomes and the plan is reasonable within the time and budget parameters of the RFP


The program approach is described including activities in relationship to the outcomes and the plan is possibly within the time and budget parameters of the RFP (8-8.5) 

The program approach is described but is not clearly linked to the outcomes and/or the plan is not

realistic within the time and budget parameters of the RFP (7-7.5)

The program approach is either not clearly described or is

insufficient or completely out of scope for the RFP parameters. (0.5-6.5)

Evaluation Plan 


Measures are specific, measurable, and directly tied to the program theory. The evaluation plan is complete and thoroughly considered. (9-10) 

Measures are reasonably tied to the program theory. The evaluation plan is solid but needs some improvements to be fully complete. (8-8.5)

Measures are proposed but do not clearly track with the program theory or need revision in order to be informative (7-7.5)

The process evaluation plan is insufficient for the purpose, or the measures chosen are not relevant according to the program theory.




Sustainability is carefully considered and a thoughtful path to sustainability is described (4.5-5)

A path to sustainability is offered, but may need further thought or development (4)

Some ideas about sustainability are offered but not systematically or sufficiently discussed (3.5)

Sustainability is not meaningfully addressed (0.5-3.5)


writing quality and APA


Excellent academic writing quality. Concise scholarly tone, well organized, uses appropriate vocabulary and standard English. Clear, logical, and coherent flow.

Strong skill, proper APA. (4.5-5)

Good writing quality. Professional tone, well organized and rarely strays from appropriate vocabulary or standard English. Clear and logical flow. The introduction and

conclusion frame the paper well. (4)

Acceptable writing quality. Communicates ideas, but lacks professional or academic tone.

Organization, clarity, and flow need improvement. Strays from standard English and/or writing quality interferes with comprehension. (3.5)

Inadequate writing quality. Inappropriately casual tone. Lacks organization or flow. Introduction and conclusions are weak or absent. Strays from standard English. The

writing quality interferes with comprehension (0.5-3)



Clear, concise, and effective verbal and visual communication. Paper contents successfully adapted to a stakeholder

Presentation is good quality and is professionally executed. All requirements are met but could be improved (12-13)

Presentation focuses more on paper contents and is not adapted to a stakeholder audience; needs improvements in

Presentation needs substantial improvement in visual or verbal quality, is not persuasive, or does



audience. Persuasive and successful (13.5-15) 


visual or verbal presentation (10.5-11.5)

not meet requirements


Peer Review



Feedback and discussion demonstrates in-depth reflection on peers’ presentation. Insightful, clear, detailed, and engaging. (4.5-5)

Feedback and discussion demonstrates reflection on peers’ presentation. Appropriate, clear, and thoughtful. (4)

Feedback and discussion demonstrates minimal reflection on peers’ presentation. Unsupported ideas, flawed arguments, or irrelevant. (3.5)

Feedback and discussion demonstrates weak or absent reflection on peers’ presentation. Inappropriate, unsupported, or incorrect.  (0.5-3)

Total points earned (out of 70)


Late adjustment (-10% or 7pts  for each day late unless other arrangements were made) 


Final grade


A: 90-100% (63-70 points) / B: 80-89% (56-62.5 points) / C: 70-79% (49-55.5 points) / BC below 70% (48.5 points or below)

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