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Homework answers / question archive / Chapter 12 Homework 1)Select the appropriate sales job category for each example

Chapter 12 Homework 1)Select the appropriate sales job category for each example


Chapter 12 Homework

1)Select the appropriate sales job category for each example.




1. The Outside Sales Rep is responsible for discovering and pursuing new sales prospects and demonstrating a long line of fantastic products used in 46 industries.


2. The goal of the Channel Sales Manager (CSM) position is to create and manage successful revenue-generating relationships with reseller partners who affect the movement of our products to end user customers.


3. Inside Sales Representatives receive incoming calls from potential insurance customers requesting quotes for auto, home, and other personal lines insurance.


4. A primary responsibility of the Route Sales Representative will be to drive a company vehicle to deliver coffee, tea, and other products to customers in assigned territory.


5. The primary role of the Pharma Sales Rep is to make direct contact with physicians and other healthcare providers in their territory to introduce and promote our products.


6. The Sales Engineer is responsible for pre-sales design and application support for software products and services through ongoing interaction with the sales team and operations.


7. The Sales Analyst is responsible for various projects and a variety of tasks supporting the Key Account and On Premise Departments, such as sales forecasting, price planning, and new product analysis.


8. The Key Account Manager is responsible for nurturing key customer relationships and the development of account-specific promotional activities.


2Examples of metrics that are used by marketers include all of the following except

new promotional mix.

click-through rate for email campaign.

click-through rate for website.

marketing ROI.

new product trial rates.

3Arkansas State University measures the success of its marketing efforts to reach qualified prospective students by

promotional mix elements.

athletic success.

size of the local population.

grade point average.


4The metric that measures the number of times a potential student clicks on a particular link is called

student viewership.

return on investment.

Web traffic.

click-through rate.

Google Analytics.

5Google Analytics helps marketers at Arkansas State University measure all of the following except

what features on the website are viewed the most.

how long students are reading feature stories.

whether the price of tuition is too high.

what changes need to be made to the website.

how many people are clicking through to links on the website.

6For each of the nine activities that Joseph has obtained from Mr. Gorman select the appropriate step of the personal selling process.


1. Researched leads obtained from booth visitors at an industry trade show he attended last week in order to determine which ones he should contact first.


2. Sent a connection request and note to a qualified prospect on LinkedIn.


3. Gained commitment from a top customer to make a referral on his behalf to a qualified prospect.


4. Took one of his top customers to lunch.


5. Met with a prospective new client and asked her questions about their most important business issues.


6. Highlighted key features, advantages, and benefits of his company’s solutions in a Web meeting with a prospective buyer.


7. During the Web conference, acknowledged prospect's concerns about price and explained how his firm’s solutions offer superior performance.


8. During a meeting with a new client, asked them what changes they’d like to make in the current proposal.


9. Asked client if they had a delivery date in mind in an effort to try and close the deals.


7For each of the activities that Rachel has uncovered, select the appropriate step of the personal selling process.


1. Conduct research on target market to find out which social media platforms buyers tend to be using.


2. Post a provocative question on a LinkedIn discussion group in order to initiate conversation with new prospective customers.


3. Use Google alerts to create notifications about when prospects or customers experience an event that might trigger a possible sales opening.


4. Review the LinkedIn profiles of prospects that visited the trade show to see if they have connections in common.


5. Comment on a customer’s blog with a shared link to great relevant content.


6. Retweet a prospect’s twitter post about the new draft pick made by the local NBA team.


7. Customize an introductory email template in order to better match the expressed interests of a prospective client.


8. Publish a Powerpoint slide deck on Slideshare so that buyers can easily access info from a salesperson’s presentation at a later point.


9. Ask an enthusiastic new client whether they might be able to refer you to prospect who is listed as a connection on their LinkedIn profile.


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