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Essay Question: Choose one Web 2

Project Management

Essay Question: Choose one Web 2.0 platform discussed during module two and analyse the extent to which this platform has changed the way people communicate and collaborate.

 Of the Web 2.0 platforms and examples discussed in Module 2 the following can be the subject of your essay: blogs (in general), wikis (in general), The Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and YouTube.

> You'll note that Facebook is not on that list of preapproved essay topics, which might seen odd. The reason is that it is a very complex social network site, which offers numerous options for communication and collaboration while also changing in the details of what it supports on a fairly regular basis. It is therefore difficult to write about Facebook within the relatively short word count of this essay. If you are particularly interested in Facebook as a topic please run this past your tutor at least one week before the essay is due and discuss with them how you aim to focus your essay.
> In addition, if you have discussed other Web 2.0 platforms during the unit, whether in tutorials or on the discussion board, you may select one of these other platforms, if it is approved by your tutor at least one week before the essay is due. 
> The word limit for this essay, excluding the reference list, is 1500 words.
> This essay asks you to analyse one of the Web 2.0 platforms that you’ve been examining in the unit, looking in particular at how that particular platform has changed the way in which users/participants both communicate and collaborate.  Given the context in which you're examining these technologies, it is a good idea to think about how Web 2.0 in general is thought to indicate a general shift in the character of online interactions and use these changes to help think about your chosen platform. You will be expected to use some of the readings/viewings provided in the unit, but you will also need to seek out appropriate secondary material.  When selecting useful secondary material, please ensure you select credible sources which appropriate for the platform you are addressing and the broader academic context in which you are examining that platform.
> Please keep in mind that your essay should include a fully formed introduction and conclusion, should be written in paragraph form, should present a clear argument and should meaningfully engage with both readings/viewings provided in the unit and include credible material from secondary sources. Your essay should follow the APA referencing style. You must clearly indicate all references and sources for the material informing your essay using in-text citations, with full details for each reference and source you cite in a clearly marked Reference List at the end of your assignment. Your in-text citations and full references should be given in APA version 6.0 style.
> Submission
> Use the supplied coversheet as the first page of your assignment document.
> This assignment must be submitted via Blackboard and Turnitin as a Word document (.doc or .docx).
> Do not submit PDFs as your tutor will be unable to comment upon your work within the document.
> Criteria for Assessment
> Students will be assessed on how well their essays:
> Present a clear, coherent and concise argumentDemonstrate understanding of key concepts in Internet communication and collaborationRelate conceptual understandings to practical implementation of communication and collaboration tools onlineEngage critically and meaningfully with relevant unit readingsSelect and incorporate relevant secondary materialFollow conventions of referencing (APA), grammar and expression appropriate for academic writing
> NETS5000 Web Communications students are also expected to:
> Demonstrate their advanced understanding of Web Communications (which can be achieved by the careful choice and integration of additional material, including scholarly sources and/or examples, to support their essay's argument)

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