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Homework answers / question archive / SELF-ASSESSMENT QUIZ 1-1  What Are Your Developmental Needs?  This exercise is designed to heighten your self-awareness of areas in which you could profit from personal improvement

SELF-ASSESSMENT QUIZ 1-1  What Are Your Developmental Needs?  This exercise is designed to heighten your self-awareness of areas in which you could profit from personal improvement



 What Are Your Developmental Needs?

 This exercise is designed to heighten your self-awareness of areas in which you could profit

from personal improvement. It is not a test, and there is no score; yet your answers to the

checklist may prove helpful to you in mapping out a program of improvement in your

interpersonal relations.

 Directions:  Following are many specific aspects of behavior that suggest a person needs

improvement in interpersonal skills. Check each statement that is generally true for you. You

can add to the validity of this exercise by having one or two other people who know you well

answer this form as they think it describes you. Then compare your self-analyses with their

analyses of you.


  1. I’m too shy. ________

  2. I’m too overbearing and obnoxious. ________

  3. I intimidate too many people. ________

  4. I have trouble expressing my feelings. ________

  5. I make negative comments about people too readily. ________

  6. I have a difficult time solving problems when working in a group. ________

  7. I’m a poor team player. ________

  8. Very few people listen to me. ________

  9. It is difficult for me to relate well to people from different cultures. ________

 10. When I’m in conflict with another person, I usually lose. ________

 11. I hog too much time in meetings or in class. ________

 12. I’m very poor at office politics. ________

 13. People find me boring. ________

 14. It is difficult for me to criticize others. ________

 15. I’m too serious most of the time. ________

 16. My temper is too often out of control. ________

 17. I avoid controversy in dealing with others. ________

 18. It is difficult for me to find things to talk about with others. ________

 19. I don’t get my point across well. ________

 20. I feel awkward dealing with a customer. ________

 21. I am a poor listener. ________

 22. I don’t get the importance of ethics in business. ________

 23. My attempts to lead others have failed. ________

 24. I rarely smile when I am with other people. ________

 25. I don’t get along well with people who are from

  a different ethnic or racial group than mine. ________

 26. I multitask when people are talking to me. ________

 27. I insult too many people on social networking sites. ________

 28. _____________________________ (Fill in your own statement.) ________



 The Self-Monitoring Scale

 Directions:  The statements ahead concern your personal reactions to a number of different situations.

No two statements are exactly alike, so consider each statement carefully before answering. If a

statement is TRUE or MOSTLY TRUE as applied to you,  circle the “T” next to the question. If a

statement is FALSE or NOT USUALLY TRUE as applied to you,  circle the “F” next to the question.

                                                                                                                       True             False

 1. I find it hard to imitate the behavior of other people.                        ?               ?

 2.  My behavior is usually an expression of my true inner feelings, attitudes,

and beliefs.                                                                                                         ?            ?

 3.  At parties and social gatherings, I do not attempt to do or say things that

others will like.                                                                                                  ?              ?

 4. I can only argue for ideas in which I already believe.                           ?              ?

 5. I can make impromptu speeches even on topics about which I have almost

no information.                                                                                                 ?              ?

 6.  I guess I put on a show to impress or entertain people.                     ?              ?

 7.   When I am uncertain how to act in a social situation, I look to the behavior of

others for cues.                                                                                                 ?             ?

 8.  I would probably make a good actor.                                                     ?             ?

 9.  I rarely seek the advice of my friends to choose movies, books,

or music.                                                                                                             ?             ?

 10.  I sometimes appear to others to be experiencing deeper emotions than I

actually am.                                                                                                        ?            ?

 11.  I laugh more when I watch a comedy with others than when alone. ?     ?

 12.  In groups of people, I am rarely the center of attention.                      ?         ?

 13.   In different situations and with different people, I often act like

very different  persons.                                                                                        ?          ?

 14.  I am not particularly good at making other people like me.                 ?           ?

 15.  Even if I am not enjoying myself, I often pretend to be having

a good time.                                                                                                            ?           ?

 16.  I’m not always the person I appear to be.                                                ?           ?

 17.   I would not change my opinions (or the way I do things) in order to please

someone else or win their favor.                                                                         ?           ?

 18.  I have considered being an entertainer.                                                    ?          ?

 19.   In order to get along and be liked, I tend to be what people expect me to be

rather than anything else.                                                                                    ?           ?

 20. I have never been good at games like charades or improvisational

 acting.                                                                                                                      ?            ?

 21.   I have trouble changing my behavior to suit different people

and different situations.                                                                                        ?            ?

 22.  At a party, I let others keep the jokes and stories going.                        ?            ?

 23. I feel a bit awkward in company and do not show up quite as

well as I should.                                                                                                        ?            ?

 24. I can look anyone in the eye and tell a lie with a straight face

(if for a good cause).                                                                                                ?             ?

 25. I may deceive people by being friendly when I really dislike


                                                                                                            ?             ?

 Scoring and Interpretation:  Give yourself one point each time your answer agrees with the key. A

score that is between 0–12 would indicate that you are a relatively low self-monitor; a score that is

between 13–25 would indicate that you are a relatively high self-monitor.


 Source: Mark Snyder, “Self-Monitoring of Expressive Behavior,”  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 4 (October 1974): 528–537.



 Clarifying Your Values

 Directions:  Rank from 1 to 20 the importance of the following values to you as a person. The most

important value on the list receives a rank of 1; the least important a rank of 20. Use the space next

to “Other” if the list has left out an important value in your life.

 _______ Having my own place to live

 _______ Having one or more children

 _______ Having an interesting job and career

 _______ Owning a car

 _______ Having a good relationship with coworkers

 _______ Having good health

 _______ Spending considerable time on social networking Web sites

 _______ Being able to stay in frequent contact with friends by cell phone and text messaging

 _______ Watching my favorite television shows

 _______ Participating in sports or other pastimes

 _______ Following a sports team, athlete, music group, or other entertainer

 _______ Being a religious person

 _______ Helping people less fortunate than myself

 _______ Loving and being loved by another person

 _______ Having physical intimacy with another person

 _______ Making an above-average income

 _______ Being in good physical condition

 _______ Being a knowledgeable, informed person

 _______ Completing my formal education

 _______ Other

 Look back at your own ranking. Does it surprise you?  Are there any surprises in the class ranking? Which values did you think would be highest and lowest?


Your final project will be an assessment of your interpersonal communication skills. To set the stage for serious thinking about personal development in the interpersonal sphere we need to identify developmental needs.


  • Then, in a 1-2 page paper present 2-3 personal developmental needs and an action plan to improve these areas.

Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the ".docx" extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date.

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