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Homework answers / question archive / Q1) Mass media is a business

Q1) Mass media is a business


Q1) Mass media is a business. The purpose is to sell something for gain. Media looks for ways to increase it's profits by selling a better product. The better product is a bigger and better story. Although the information is not always true or has been edited in a way that deceives the reader. I do not trust the media. I feel you have to look at multiple articles from different medias and agencies then almost average the information. The Trump election in my opinion was won by the media and still feel embarrassed for our country the way it was presented by the media.

Q2) Chapter 1 - Mass Communication a critical approach was very interesting. Each section was highlighting the growth of media/mass communication.

Right at the beginning of the chapter it mentioned the most recent relevant history -The USA presidential election. The main reporting news station and paper companies ( ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, New York times and Wall street journal) reported nearly 24/7 to this election. This election was different from the past. Mr. Donald Trump now the president of the USA was a different type of candidate. He's known for his status as a millionaire and his reality show. His experience in reality gave him the edge of capturing attention that the news media had to report. His style and delivery of an opinion was very shocking when compared to other running mates. He truly didn't have to spend a lot of money on advertising like his other running mates. The rest of the chapter section spent a great detail on the history of mass/media communication  by giving detail information on:

oral, written, print electronic and digital communication styles.



Q3) There is a shift beginning in our culture but as we know changes can take a long time to become mainstream and adopted by the public. I work for a hair color company. We for 2017 we have shift our culture and our media advertisements. We are choosing more diverse models and have requested less makeup and photo shop. It is more of a minimalistic approach. This type of advertising as I recognize it to be is to attract those who want be accepted with an inclusive feeling. I understand this is still selling and is advertising. I am happy with the message instead of using sex and youthfulness to sell as it has been the norm for so long. 


My company has been criticized in the past. It is unfortunate some people have been hard convince them and see the great things our company does corporately. They will believe what they read was posted or old information. My company was list as one of the top 100 companies to work for and is also one of th greenest as well. The culture of our company is ethical and supportive as I have seen nothing different or been asked to act in another way.

Q4) Thinking back on the advancement of media as I have grown up the results are impressive. When I was in high school twelve years ago only a few students and teachers had cell phones. Even social media sites such as MySpace didn't advertise directly to their users in the early stages. As students, we received our news from outlets such as TV, Magazines, and the newspaper. With the fewer amount of outlets for media to report the government was able to do a better job of monitoring the information that was put out to the public. Now with today's technology breaking news can reach billions of people within seconds. 


Q5) The Internet has given people the freedom to express themselves in a wide range of things. Today the Internet is used for business practices, and has become a major marketing tool for many. On a global scale the Internet reaches people of other countries. Networking through the Internet hs given people the ability to create new ways to be innovative in their own way.  We have Skype, facebook, and email just to name a few. People connect more over the Internet than they do in public. It gives people a sense of power to do what they like and share their opinion on things. People are gravitating to the Internet more because it is the future of technology. People can do just about anything on the Internet from school, business, shopping, email and visual talk. The Internet is making it easy for people to access what ever they desire in the world.


Q6) What advertisements, news stories, and other media images and content have you encountered or interacted with today? What is the cumulative effect of these media? Are these positive messages, negative messages, or do they have another effect?  

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