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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. benefits of video games Thank you in advance for the help! Illnesses like these project challenges for the kids daily but playing video games help to induce positivity in them since they trigger the neuron related mechanisms in the kids. For example, a research was done by University of Utah on kids affected with these illnesses where they were made to play purposely designed video games and the results showed remarkable improvement in terms of the kids being more resilient and confident (Gallagher 2013).

Playing video challenges decrease the physical pain, making use of the technique of distraction. Psychologists made military soldiers suffering from extreme physical pain play the game ‘Snow World’, helping them recover using less intensive treatment (Gallagher 2013).

Despite having all these health benefits, video games have an old allegation of putting kids to an increased risk of obesity. World Health Organization states the primary cause of child obesity as videogames. According to studies, if children played videogames for more than three hour each day, they would eat 180 calories than what is required, eventually gaining weight (Borland 2011). However studies breaking this age old notion have been carried out. For a span of three years, 482 twelve year olds were studied by a Michigan State University research team. The video games did not show any significant effect in the determination of weights of the kids, but other factors like the socioeconomic status, race, age etc were predominantly responsible (Campbell 2011).

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