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Homework answers / question archive / The switch is normally the server and the peripherals form the clients

The switch is normally the server and the peripherals form the clients


The switch is normally the server and the peripherals form the clients. normally, &nbsp.a graph with the topology of a star is formed from the hub and leaf nodes, and the very transmission lines running between them. An active star network has an active central node that usually has the means to prevent echo-related problems.

This kind of topology reduces the damage that may be caused by line failure on the process of connecting all of the systems to the centrally located node. Therefore, all peripheral nodes can actually communicate with all other nodes through the transmission to, and reception from the centrally located node only. In the case of the transmission line failing to link any peripheral node to the central node, the entire peripheral node will be isolated from all other nodes, though the entire t systems will remain unaffected.

The star topology is also designed with each node (file servers, workstations, and peripherals) connected directly to a central network hub, switch, or concentrator.

Usually, the information and data on a star network tend to pass through the hub, the switch, or the concentrator before continuing on the way to its destination. All functions of the network are normally controlled and managed by the hub, switch, or concentrator. These three components may too at times act as a repeater in aiding the flow of data. The configuration discussed here in most cases occurs with twisted pair cable.

The star topology tends to work and perform better as it prevents the passing of data packets through an excessive number of nodes. Usually, only 3 devices and 2 links are involved in any communication between any two devices at a maximum level. Although this topology places a huge overhead on the central hub, with adequate capacity, the hub very high utilization by one device without affecting others.

In a star network design, each device is inherently isolated by the link that connects it to the hub. This leads to the isolation of individual devices straightforward leading to a disconnection of each device from the rest. The isolation described too prevents any failure of non-centralization from affecting the network.

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