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Homework answers / question archive / Write 8 pages thesis on the topic quality: six sigma

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic quality: six sigma


Write 8 pages thesis on the topic quality: six sigma. The approach defines the steps that are needed and are to be followed in the implementation of activities (Desai, 2010). The approach will need starting with the identification of the strengths and weaknesses and ending it with the implementation of solutions that are long-lasting. The method is the one that is mostly used, adopted, and recognized

Lean-six-sigma is data that is driven with the philosophy of making improvements that defect values of prevention on defects that are detected. The approach brings consumer satisfaction to the bottom line results by bringing down the variations, cycle times, and wastage, and at the same time, they aim in promoting the use of standardization of work which in turn creates a competitive advantage to the business. The approach applies in every place in the organization where wastes exist and every employee is to be aware of the outcomes that are involved. There are several factors that differ from lean and six sigma (Desai, 2010).

In a lean approach, there is driving out of wastes in implementations and it aims in the promotion of workflow and standardization. In six sigma, the focus is mainly on reducing processes variation and enhancement of process control. Lean and six sigma have the general purpose of providing the best quality for consumers.

DMAIC in the process is the strategy that is used in the improvement of quality. This is the integrated part of six sigma used in the initiative. The method is carried out in five phases. Defining the problem is the first step in the process. Defining the problem that is entailed in the process involves the opportunity for improvement and the focus is on the goals and requirements that are needed by the consumers. The measure is used in evaluating the performance of the process. Analysis in the process determines the main cause of variations and the defects that come about in the process.

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