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Google An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut


Google An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut. The whole technology industry has undergone an extreme makeover: this means that the industry has evolved into the development of better, and more sophisticated innovations, and development. Much has changed in terms of use and deployment much more creativity has required more integration of advanced knowledge and technology into the system and much more innovation will be required to maintain a business or a current system or organization to remain in the market and continue functioning (Parashar, 2007). Much research is needed, and a lot of platforms are going to change in order to accommodate many more advanced innovations. For all this to take place people have to be innovative, creative, change-oriented, persistent, risk-takers and should have a business entrepreneurial mind (Peter Skarzynski, 2008). The developers in several areas should be focused on a bigger goal as far as technology is concerned.

From the case studying done on ‘Google – An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut’, and the research done, a lot of factors should be considered when undergoing and exercising the business plan as an entrepreneur. These factors include:


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