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Homework answers / question archive / Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 1: End of Module Project 1 Lyla Barrera 1

Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 1: End of Module Project 1 Lyla Barrera 1

MS Word

Shelly Cashman Word 2019 | Module 1: End of Module Project 1

Lyla Barrera


You work in the Administrative Support Department of Associated Regional Hospital and are creating a flyer about upcoming safety workshops. Change the document theme colors to Blue Warm.



Change the document theme colors.



Change the case of the flyer's headline paragraph to Capitalize Each Word. Change the font size to 36 point and apply the Fill: Blue-Gray, Accent color 1; Shadow text effect. Center the paragraph.



Change the font case.



Change the font size.



Apply a text effect.



Align a paragraph.



Resize the Safety First picture to a width of 6", and then apply the Simple Frame, Black picture style.



Resize a picture.



Apply a picture style.



Underline the text "Three-hour sessions" below the Safety First picture.



Underline text.



Italicize the text "safe workplace" in the paragraph "The workshops cover…for hospital employees:".



Italicize text.



Bullet the four paragraphs of text above the signature line.



Format paragraphs as a list.



Change the font of the text in the bulleted list to Book Antiqua. Change the font color to Dark Purple, Text 2. Change the font size to 12 point.



Change the font.



Change the font color.



Change the font size.



Shade the paragraph containing the signature line in Dark Purple, Text 2, Lighter 80%.



Apply paragraph shading.



In the same paragraph, change the spacing before to 12 point and the spacing after to 6 point.



Change the paragraph spacing.



Change the paragraph spacing.



Insert the picture file Support_WD19_EOM1-1_Logo.png in the blank line at the bottom of the page. Resize the picture to a height of 0.8".



Insert a picture from a file.



Resize a picture.



Add a 1-point Dark Purple, Text 2 page border using the dashed style (the third border in the Style list).



Add a border.



Change the border width.



Change the border color.



Change the border style.



Check the Spelling & Grammar in the document to identify and correct any spelling errors. (Hint: Ignore names.)



Check spelling and grammar.


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