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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 1250 words paper on the topic Android System and Its Features

Write a 1250 words paper on the topic Android System and Its Features


Write a 1250 words paper on the topic Android System and Its Features. Android does face certain problems in form of vulnerabilities, competition, improvements. The updates are termed are tedious and when compared to other platforms they are believed to give the customers a tough time while upgrading to any latest version. To some people, Android doesn’t invest in customer awareness in case of the new releases and hence awareness and customer guidance are found missing in case of new versions being released.

The issue of Malware poses a serious threat to the integrity of Android as the best platform for smartphones and tablets, and recently Google had to withdraw a couple of Applications from the market due to the reason of malware induced. Google in this regard has set up security teams that look into the matters and make sure such things don’t happen again. Fragmentation is seen as a serious issue, although Google has promised steps towards its earliest resolution. Business-class is considering the malware factor as a hitch towards shifting their whole enterprise onto the Android platform, and Google needs to take serious and timely actions in this regard.

A couple of years from its inception it was acquired by Google Inc. The project was further extended under the umbrella of Open Handset Alliance that ensures total wireless medium. Founded in 2007 and covers a large number of mobile companies under its belt. The group members range from chipmakers to software developers to handset manufactures to service providing companies. All group of entities has established that complement each other in a greater way. The Open Handset alliance started off with the prime aim of removing the hindrances faced by mobile users and the overall community that stood in the way of easy communication and it was termed as Android Project. Participation of a mega player like Google Inc made it possible and spread the word all over the world.

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