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an research paper on why do people smile


an research paper on why do people smile. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. &nbsp.The inner state of emotions is manifested through facial expression. Someone is believed to be showing his calmness through smiling. having a friendly attitude towards others and others could be distinguished through different kinds and types of smiles. One of the unknown author's quotes, “Everyone smiles in the same language.”.

A smile is a facial expression that shows the upward contours at the ends of the mouth. There are times wherein the sparkle of the eyes expresses the Smile and not the mouth. However, Smile communicates a thousand words.

Most of the time, smiles indicate happy signs such as joy, happiness, and love. However, there are kinds of smiles that show involuntary expression of anxiety known to be the grimace or even serve as an expression of embarrassment in a shamefaced way. Smile is rooted within our primate nature that depicts positive response to social relationships. It is considered to be a universally flattering sign of sistership. Smile is a positive tool to convey other people of different races and cultures about their feelings and nature.

History of Smiles

Most of the time, happiness is always associated with a Smile, but many types of Smile do not necessarily have that connotation, like a sneer, snarl, smirk, etc. Different expressions about smiles were considered in tracing and studies with the history of smiling. Massive data have been gathered from art, history, and biology to unveil the human Smile's nuances, after which some interesting facts were revealed. For example, there are beliefs that the supreme enlightenment is reflected In the holy Smile of Buddha. On the other hand, open mouth smiling in the Victorians was obscene. In the behavioral and psychological aspects, it was explored how and when, in infancy, smiling was considered an act of communication. In art history, the famous Smile of the Mona Lisa and the sculptured heads of the Ming dynasty were studied about smiling.

Thirty million years of human evolution produced different types of smiles that anybody can currently wear for all accessions and different situations.

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