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Here is the instructions from my teacher


Here is the instructions from my teacher. Analyze the theme of reincarnation in Edgar Alan Poe's short story "Ligeia." What does it mean? Don't JUST point out the obvious from the text of the story, but weigh in with your critical analysis about what you find. Provide a focused interpretation of the theme of Ligeia's lack of specific identity--from the perspective of the narrator. Consider what it means that the narrator does not know her maiden name; he cannot remember where he met her. Her appearance is that of a very multi-ethnic person. She seems to have more knowledge than that which can be accumulated in one lifetime. DO NOT SIMPLY ATTRIBUTE THIS TO THE NARRATOR'S USE OF OPIUM. There is much more evidence in the story with which to work. Also, consider the concept of how "will" fits in with this theme. Pay some attention to the poem within the story and how it fits in with the theme of reincarnation. Remember to adequately develop your answer citing text from the assigned primary source for support of your analysis, claims, and inferences. Use only apt, succinct quotes; do not use long, extended quotations. Learn to use summary or paraphrasing for long passages (see section 43 in "The Little, Brown Handbook [LBH]"). Make sure you cite all quotes and paraphrases in the text of your response according to MLA style (section 47a, LBH). Make sure you include a Works Cited, section 47b (see page 644 in LBH; also, use example 26 on page 661 in LBH to create an entry for an anthology (textbook editors) or examples 35 and 36 for cross-referencing more than one work from the same anthology/collection (textbook). Remember to cite ALL sources according to MLA style described in Chapter 47, of "The Little, Brown Handbook." Remember to include a Works Cited with entries for ALL sources (the one required primary source and any secondary sources you choose to include) cited within the text of your response. 1100 Words

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