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Homework answers / question archive / Compose a 250 words assignment on spoon ring presentation

Compose a 250 words assignment on spoon ring presentation


Compose a 250 words assignment on spoon ring presentation. Needs to be plagiarism free! This piece entitled “spoon ring” incorporates two very different&nbsp.concepts in the same item: it is a wearable ring and at the same time a fully functional spoon that can be used for lifting sugar and stirring hot drinks. This quirky combination gives the spoon ring an interesting twist on both concepts and makes it a light-hearted and amusing object, which is bound to attract attention at any formal or informal meeting where tea and coffee are served.

There is a small gap between the twists of the silver which allows the spoon ring to be attached to the rim of a teacup or coffee mug. This particular use of the spoon ring turns it into an unusual piece of tableware which creates a striking sculptural outline, rising up from the level of other pieces of china on the table just as a balloon naturally rises in the air.

A third functional feature of the spoon ring is that it can be set down on the table with the spoon part up in the air. The twists form a secure cylindrical base, and this ensures that the spoon, with any sticky or wet substances attached to it, will not touch the table cloth. This is practical and hygienic, solving the problem of stains and contamination passing to and from the spoon and the environment.

Overall, the piece is intended to be fun. It is a talking point and a demonstration of thinking in unconventional ways about everyday objects. The owner of the spoon ring can slide from one application of the object to another, starting with the conventional appearance of the ring, and moving to practical use in tea or coffee drinking, and then finally showing two different ways of storing the object after use – on the table or on the cup. This reveals that things are not always what they seem and that there are multiple ways of enjoying everyday objects.

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