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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic various aspects of lifespan development

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic various aspects of lifespan development


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic various aspects of lifespan development. Physical development can be defined as the process through which the infants or rather the newborns gain control over their bodies. Thus, they get to move on their own with or without the support of other people or items (Krapp & Wilson, 2005). Between the first two to five months. these young babies can roll over in both directions and therefore they cannot move or rather walk, stand or grow on their own. This is because their bones are still very weak, and the physiological development is still at initial stages thus from this scenario it is true thus to say that a child’s physical development starts with muscular control.

This process, however, is gradual, and the parents should not get worried in case it seems to delay. In between five and seven months the children develop the first teeth. Assuming that the child has been undergoing normal breastfeeding, they now have high levels of calcium in their bodies hence they develop teeth (Festingen, 1962). After this time, the child is now between 5 and seven months. They start exhibiting the ability to sit unsupported (although not for a long time as they easily get tired). The infants under this stage also crawl on hands and knees, and they can even pull themselves up while holding on objects. This gives their parents a signal that they can now start giving the child more exercise. Parent, therefore, hold their babies hands and encouraging them to make their first steps.

Physical development can be affected by both genetic or rather hereditary and environmental factors. First I will begin by considering genetic factors. When a child is conceived, they usually take up the genetic makeup of their parents. For instance, if the genes of either of their parents or both are such that they grow slowly, it goes without saying that the child will follow suit too.

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