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This work is in 2 part


This work is in 2 part. 1.The proposal is a 1000 word limit but you have to include the literature review you did previously which will make it a 2000 words altogether. 2. You will make it into a power point slide which will go for 10 minutes. Please include speaker note. Thanks. Instructions to follow. 1. What is it you want answered - (Does understaffing on care for elderly in nursing homes affect the quality of care" or you can change the question around as you wish) 2. Review of literature - The literature review you already wrote for me. 3. Strategy or intervention proposed - such as in this proposal we will be involving 20 personnel in this action research. Also mention the timeline in your work. 4. Data collection tools - How will you find what you want? either by survey, qualitative or collect pictures etc. 5. Potential problems 6. Work plan - It has to fit into the work place (nursing homes) 7. Evaluation - Such as after few weeks we are going to evaluate if the intervention proposed is working every 6 weeks through data collection. Note: Try to have the evaluation as objective as possible 8. Budgetting 9. Ethical approval

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