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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on davis waite in colorado history

Write a 5 pages paper on davis waite in colorado history


Write a 5 pages paper on davis waite in colorado history. He then moved to Fond du Lac and in the following year 1851 relocated to Princeton still in Wisconsin. From this time to 1857, Governor Waite was involved in mercantile entrepreneurial activities. His first marriage in 1851 was to Frances, the daughter of Celia and Robert Russell from Sauquoit, New York. The second marriage took place in January 1885 and was to the widowed daughter of John and Jane Crane (Lamm 143).

Waite was a member of the Wisconsin legislative assembly in 1856 courtesy of the Republican Party. Between the years 1856 to 1860, Waite served as a trainer at a high school in Houston. It is during this period o his career that he received a dishonoring account on his stand-in antislavery perspectives. He went back to Jamestown, New York in 1861, where he employed his acumen in journalism to become an editor of the Chautauqua Democrat, an organ of the Republican of which he was also a co-owner. Additionally, he served as the editor of the Jamestown Journal which he was the sole proprietor for some period of time preceding the year 1876. In the years 1876 to 1879, Waite was involved in ranching activities while practicing law at the same time in Larned, Kansas. In the latter year, Waite also served as a legislative member. He continued to practice law in Leadville, Colorado between 1879 and 1881, in the subsequent years he moved to Aspen where he carried on with his law practice while also doubling as the editor of a reform paper called Union Era. Waite pioneered as the first overseer of all public schools within Pitkin in Colorado in 1881. He also represented the county as a champion of justice and peace (Hartzell 94).

Governor Waite belonged to the United States Populist party. Additionally, he was a Democrat politician and was the eighth governor of the vast Colorado state. In his tenure from 1893 to 1895, governor Waite was an ardent fan of the Omaha Platform, the party program fronted during the&nbsp.Nebraska convention.

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