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Homework answers / question archive /  The name of this course is Strategic Planning and Operations

 The name of this course is Strategic Planning and Operations


 The name of this course is Strategic Planning and Operations. The name of the program is Masters in Health Administration.

I work in the Orthopaedic Surgical Department of a hospital where orthopaedic surgeries are always being performed. These surgeries are classified as elective or emergent. Joint replacement surgeries are considered elective surgeries. However, a large portion of our aging population has osteoarthritis and require these joint replacement surgeries(hips , knees, shoulder). In order to do these surgeries prosthetic implants are to be ordered and purchased by the hospital.

Assignment 1: There has been a recent reduction in budget allocation to the health care sector and hence the hospital as a result of the impact of low energy prices and the consequent reduction in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago revenues. Write a proposal to the Chief Financial Officer of the hospital and indicate the rationale for the retention of joint replacement surgeries at the hospital.

(3000 words). To be written APA style.

Assignment 2: Write a memo to the lecturer explaining how the concepts and knowledge in the course have been applied to the assignment described above. Ensure that appropriate references are included. (APA style - 1000 words.

P.S. I am attaching some of the lectures as well as the course outline for your reading, just to get an idea of the course so it maybe of some help to the assignments. 

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