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I need some assistance with these assignment


I need some assistance with these assignment. project business case (a control traffic light signal device) during the transfer of emergency cases Thank you in advance for the help! ???? ????? ????? ????? Sign Off: Title Name Signature Date Project Manager ????? ????? ????? Project Sponsor ????? ????? ????? Reviewers: Name Title ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? ????? *add/ delete rows as required Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2 Options 4 3 Implementation Plan 9 4 Governance 10 5 Project Review & Closure 11 1. Introduction ????? 1.1 Background In most parts of the world, it is common practice for paramedics to navigate their way around traffics when they are called to handle an emergency situation. They do not really have the power to control traffics and they are held by the status of traffic lights each and every time they are called to duty. It is common practice for drivers of vehicles to stop and allow paramedics to get to their destination on time (Bledsoe et al, 1998). This body of traffic rules and moral obligations forces the ‘rational’ driver to quickly clear the road for an ambulance to pass. However, in a crossroad, there are no laws that really stop the flow of traffic in a road where there is a green traffic light reflected. Most drivers have to drive through irrespective of whether there is an ambulance coming through or not. Secondly, a ‘rational’ driver who sees a moral obligation to stop for an ambulance to pass might end up causing a serious accident because it is unlikely that the cars following him would also think like him and stop for the movement of the ambulance. It is therefore important for a middle way to be found to ensure that ambulances and their paramedic staff get to scenes of medical emergencies and then save lives. This therefore calls for some kind of method that will enable paramedics and ambulance drivers to control the traffic lights whenever they are in driving to the scene of an emergency. Currently, SAAS has little control over the traffic light systems. This therefore means that they would have to stop in every traffic light and wait till it turns green before they can proceed to save lives. This defeats their main purpose and there is the need for SAAS to get some power to control the traffic light systems so that they can fulfill their main purpose of formation – to save lives by arriving at emergency destinations on time. 1.2 Justification By definition, paramedics are trained to give first aid and emergency medical aid as and when it is needed and this forms the foundation of their primary responsibility – to save lives (Bhushkan & Mone, 2006). This therefore means that the staff members of SAAS devote their lives and times to saving citizens and residents of Australia who are in critical condition and need to be protected from death and severe hardships at the exact time they need it. The traffic lights are there to control the normal flow of cars carrying peoples through different crossroads. It regulates the flow of people throughout their travels on Australian roads. These people driving are often normal people who are not in any form of immediate danger. It is therefore necessary for priority to be given to residents of the country who are in critical or fatal condition. This can be done by giving paramedics the right to control the traffic lights and stop all vehicles moving across the road ahead of them. This is because a delay in their movement could mean the loss of another Australian life.

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