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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on exploring a work of art

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on exploring a work of art


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on exploring a work of art. Usually, the piece of paper is rolled around the hard cardboard so that it can roll out easily when being used. The long length of paper is segmented using dotted lines to make it easy to tear when in use. The dotted lines are symmetrically placed to ensure a uniform utilization of the paper. Several folds exist at specific lengths from each other. Due the presence of perforation or pores at specific sections of the paper, it can easily be used by people.

The hollow part of the cylindrical cardboard is placed on a holder that serves as the pivot when the paper is rolled. During use, it is rolled several times as it revolves about the holder. The toilet paper is usually translucent and only allows minimal intensity if light to pass through it. The hollow cardboard is rough and compact and consists of an interior white color and exterior brown color. The brown color is concealed by the rolls of the toilet paper but once the roll is completely utilized, the brown color is visible. Whereas, the white color is visible via the hollow part, the hollow part is made of hard paper than the one used on toilet paper rolls. The hard brown card does not disintegrate in water. The toilet rolls have a sweet fragrance that oozes out of them to give a feeling of relaxation. The perfume brings a feeling of freshness and the white color a sense of cleanliness. The color is appealing and creates a feeling of confidence.

This work of art falls in the category of functional art category. (Lecture notes, AAD 251: Arts and Visual Literacy). Its functionality lies in its usage. People can use the toilet paper in the toilets. This describes its functionality as a work of art. Unlike some works of art that are merely displayed in rooms and buildings, this work of art serves a significant and almost unparalleled role in the toilet. It is also not as delicate as other works of art. Some works of art are brittle and can easily break down.

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