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Homework answers / question archive / Talent, charm, and attractiveness

Talent, charm, and attractiveness


  1. Talent, charm, and attractiveness.
  2. The impression of a speaker's credibility that listeners have before the speaker begins to speak.
  3. The impression of a speaker's credibility based on what the speaker says and does during the presentation.
  4. The final impression listeners have of a speaker's credibility, after the presentation has been concluded.
  5. Evidence plus reasoning.
  6. The material used to support a point or premise.
  7. The process of drawing a conclusion from evidence.
  8. Using specific instances or examples to reach a probable general conclusion.
  9. A special kind of inductive reasoning that draws a comparison between to idea, things or situations that share some essential common feature.
  10. Moving from a general statement or principle to reach a certain specific conclusion.

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