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Homework answers / question archive / PART ONE Please reflect on the information about culture and online culture

PART ONE Please reflect on the information about culture and online culture



Please reflect on the information about culture and online culture. As part of your reflection, take note of how your reading on online communities fits in. Additionally, do you notice anything interesting about the culture of your chosen subreddit?


How are you planning to organize your data for analysis? What do you like about the approach you have chosen? Please share an example of a post or comment that has brought up something interesting for you. Provide the (at least brief) theme/coding for this post or comment (it may be easiest to embed this as an image (Links to an external site.)). Explain how this might fit with some of the academic articles you have found.

Lovelin Barrera Monday Part One Culture on online platforms can be seen to differ in different ways from culture that is most commonly seen in outdoor, social settings. Online culture tends to be more niche, with specific groups or in the case of Reddit, subreddits having outlined rules and norms that are in addition to the norms and beliefs that we usually see outside of the online community. Reading on online communities makes one notice how groups can be both welcoming and cold when looking at sats like upvotes and downvotes. Something interesting about the culture of my chosen Reddit is that pictures and images are the most popular way to display or explain something regarding their cats. There also seems to be a supportive group for those who mourn the loss of their pets. Part 2 I plan to use Excel to organize my data for the analysis, but if I find that comments are really long, I may switch to a table on my word document. What I like about the approach I have chosen is that it will be very neat and easy to interpret, allowing me to add or edit as I see fit. Posts that have caught my attention are those regarding mourning and loss, although this subreddit (Cats) is overall happy and for good laughs, there is a strong community and support for those who post to mourn the loss of their pet. This post could fall under a theme or mourning and how that can connect to understanding a cat when it is in pain or discomfort. This might fit with my academic articles I have found because they are about cat communication, and there may be signs that one can look out for that can indicate discomfort or pain in a cat that can possibly indicate disease. This could then prevent death if the disease or condition is caught early. reddie * She came to me with wesend someward and look in her eyes • at to say "Mama mtird. I'm ready now. So we laid down in the grass toother to soak up the morning sun, one last time. Thank you for 21 years of our devoted this and loyalty.

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