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Homework answers / question archive / write an article on Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

write an article on Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings


write an article on Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings. It needs to be at least 2750 words. Hong Kong has come up with building energy codes that are applied in the commercial and other buildings and this has been triggered by the need to respond to the energy and environmental concerns.

Recently, there has been a greater emphasis on the development of highly efficient office buildings and therefore, there has been a great need to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings. This area still remains underexplored because of a number of reasons such as unavailability of cost data, lack of appropriate technologies that are cheap, and also the misguided perception that the occupiers of the houses may be disrupted as a result of the improvements put into place to solve this problem.

Hong Kong is highly developed and has a high density of tall buildings. With the increasing awareness in the energy sector, it has become necessary to respond to environmental concern issues. In the past years, Hong Kong has been working towards developing programs that are energy efficient and conform to the building energy codes (Hui 1999). Since the energy crisis that occurred in the 1970s, Hong Kong has taken up a general approach towards solving the problems related to energy use in commercial buildings by developing some concepts and guidelines that govern the use of energy. Today, the use of energy in commercial buildings normally represents a portion of the amount of energy that is demanded by the community mainly electricity energy. Energy is very important to every society in its economic, environmental, and social concerns and it plays a very crucial role in sustainable development. There is a growing demand for energy due to the increase in population, improved living standards, fast urbanization, and the development of buildings. Efficiency is therefore driven by the high cost of energy and environmental concerns leading to increased energy prices and volatility, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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