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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 8 pages paper on present use of technology in intelligence activities

Write a 8 pages paper on present use of technology in intelligence activities


Write a 8 pages paper on present use of technology in intelligence activities. Contextually, the use of technology can be seen in the domain or the work of intelligence agencies that operate all over the world to mitigate rising issues of crimes and eliminating national security threats in future. The use of technology in the domain of intelligence is quite widespread and forms the integral of part of their operations such as analysis and collection of information among others. Correspondingly, the work of the intelligence sector involves a considerable amount of confidentiality along with the challenging task of accessing information from others’ computers or security networks. In this context, the varied evolving and valuable technologies enable these agencies to reduce the complexities involved in their work and to ensure positive results (Sternberg and Preiss 69-74).

The importance of technology is deemed to be quite transparent in various domains of the society including the intelligence sector wherein its significance is at the utmost level especially in the present-day context. Contextually, this particular essay primarily highlights a few of the potential technologies or applications that can be extensively used in the activities of the intelligence agencies along with identifying a few of the benefits that these technologies can assure for this particular sector.

It is believed that the presence of technology in modern-day society is extensive and is prevalent in various domains. It has also been known that with the extensive use of technology, the effectiveness and efficacy of executing work has reached a higher level altogether. Contextually, the use of technology can be witnessed in the work process of intelligence agencies in solving cases relevant to national security and other issues. The work of intelligence includes various processes such as human intelligence (HUMINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), open-source intelligence (OSINT) and measurement and&nbsp.signatures intelligence (MASINT) among others. These approaches are used by intelligence agencies to acquire information to protect the country from any particular threat.

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