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How to Write the Syracuse Supplemental Essays 2023-24
  • Dec 2022
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How to Write the Syracuse Supplemental Essays 2023-24

3rd December 2022

Admission to Syracuse has become increasingly difficult in recent years, with a current admission rate of around 59%. You'll need a solid application, including your writing, to be admitted.

As part of your Syracuse application, you'll be required to write one extra essay, and we'll be there to help you every step of the way. Syracuse university supplemental essay examples are a powerful way to prove your intellectual weight.

Read this guide to learn about the essay topics, what the admissions team is looking for in your responses, what you can write about (and what you should avoid), and examples of outstanding Syracuse essays.

What Are the Syracuse Supplement Essays?

Syracuse University uses the Common Application, and applicants must respond to one of the Common Application prompts. Syracuse university supplemental essay 2023 are easily found on the Internet.

Every Syracuse applicant must additionally complete one additional Syracuse supplement essay. Here's the prompt for 2022-2023:

Why are you interested in Syracuse University, and how do you envision yourself fitting in on a campus that is diverse, inclusive, accessible, and respectful?

This is a required essay of up to 250 words in length. The rest of this tutorial will describe what admissions officers look for in your responses to these Syracuse supplement essays and what great essays look like.

Syracuse Supplement Essay, Analysed

You've probably noticed that the Syracuse essay prompt is divided into two parts. To impress admissions officers, you must answer both sides of the prompt correctly!

To assist you, we've divided the prompt into two portions and explained how to answer each.

In this part, we'll describe what the prompt asks for, what Syracuse hopes to learn from your response, and suggested writing subjects.

Response Part 1: The "Why Syracuse" Section

Why are you interested in Syracuse University?

This is usually referred to as a "why this college" essay. In this scenario, you must explain why you are applying to Syracuse and why it is a school you want to attend.

Why is this important to Syracuse? Isn't applying to the school enough to demonstrate your desire to attend?

Not at all. You've been requested to write this Why Syracuse University essay for various reasons. First and foremost, Syracuse wants to ensure that you enjoy your time at the university.

Students who are enthusiastic about attending college and believe it is a good fit for them are more likely to achieve higher grades, participate in more activities and events, and donate money to the school after graduation.

Syracuse, like other universities, works hard to provide students with unique possibilities, and they want to enrol candidates who are aware of those opportunities and will take advantage of them. 

Suppose you demonstrate in your Why Syracuse University essay that you genuinely love Syracuse and intend to make the most of your time there.

In that case, the people examining your application will be more convinced that you'll substantially and positively impact their school.

Syracuse also wants this essay to ensure that you and the school are a suitable fit. If you use this essay to describe majors, sports, study abroad options, and so on that Syracuse does not provide, it may be a red flag that Syracuse is not a location where you can fulfil your goals and hence is not the best school for you.

To decide what to write about for this essay, consider why you're applying to Syracuse and why it might be a good fit for you. Some possible topics are:

Majors, minors, certificates, and specific classes offered by Syracuse that you are particularly interested in.

A mentor, alumnus, or current student who persuaded you to apply to Syracuse

Syracuse University offers unique academic possibilities, such as BioInspired Syracuse and Syracuse University Autonomous Systems Policy.

Professors at Syracuse whose work you admire and with whom you would like to study or research.

Clubs or sports teams that you would like to join (Syracuse has around 300!).

You'd like to pursue research possibilities through the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement.

Syracuse University offers internship opportunities.

Syracuse University offers study abroad programs.

Syracuse University has financial aid programs that allow you to attend.

Choose one or two reasons why you believe Syracuse is the ideal school for you in your response. For each reason, describe what Syracuse offers, then relate it to your interests and aspirations to demonstrate that you and Syracuse are a good fit.

Remember to be as specific as possible in your explanation to demonstrate to Syracuse that you've done your study and understand exactly how the school can help you achieve your goals.

For example, you may talk about how you want to study biochemistry and eventually acquire a Ph.D.. Then you read a newspaper item about a Syracuse professor and her biochemistry research.

Getting research experience as an undergrad is one of the finest ways to prepare for your future. 

You can explain that Syracuse is a great school because it offers an Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement that helps link undergrads with research experiences.

Then, go into the type of research you'd like to conduct, noting specific classes or professors you'd like to study under.

There are no themes to avoid as long as your reasons for attending Syracuse are honest and specific to the institution. However, we recommend that at least one of your reasons pertain to academics.

This will demonstrate that you will be a committed student at Syracuse who takes your coursework seriously.

Response Part 2: The "Why You" Section

How do you envision yourself contributing to a campus that is diverse, inclusive, accessible, and respectful?

The diversity essay is an example of a typical undergraduate essay in this challenge section. Colleges want to know how you'll contribute to a thriving, inclusive campus community in your diversity essay.

While you may associate diversity with colour or gender, it can also refer to many concepts. Gender identity, religion, and socioeconomic background, for example, can all contribute to variety.

So, for example, can a person's lived experiences or neurodiversity? Understanding what factors contribute to Syracuse's diversity is the first step toward answering this question correctly.

It would help to examine how you will add to Syracuse's diversity. Because you are unique, concentrate on what you bring to the table.

But remember that this challenge isn't about how diverse you are...about how you'll contribute to the Syracuse community. 

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that you have investigated Syracuse and identified specific ways you can encourage diversity on campus.

Whether joining a specific club or working with an on-campus organisation, demonstrating that you've done your homework can help admissions counsellors understand that you're serious about becoming a Syracuse student.

2 Syracuse Essay Examples

Here are two samples of prospective Syracuse essays that we came up with. While these do not precisely correspond to the 2022-2023 prompt, our professional analysis of the replies will teach you much about what makes a great Syracuse admissions essay.

Continue reading to find out more about what makes a great Syracuse essay.

Example 1: "Why Syracuse?"

I grew up assisting my parents with their little business, and I've known for years that I wanted to follow in their footsteps and open my own.

When I told my high school guidance counsellor about this, she recommended Syracuse University's Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises department. 

I'm delighted she did because the more I learn about the EEE program, the more I'm impressed.

As one of the few colleges that allow students to major in entrepreneurship, I'll learn everything I need to know about starting and maintaining a firm.

I'm excited to participate in initiatives like the Couri Hatchery business incubator and to pursue internships that will provide me with even more entrepreneurial knowledge.

I called a friend's older sibling who had graduated from Syracuse as I began to do more study at the university.

He informed me about the tremendous school spirit students have for the school and how everyone dresses in orange before basketball games to support the Syracuse teams.

School sports games aren't top-rated at my current high school, so I'm excited to be a part of a community with excellent school passion. I'll be ready to join them, wearing my orange and rooting for our respective teams to victory.

What makes this Syracuse supplemental essay work?

It demonstrates that the student is familiar with the school. You do not have to be a lifetime Syracuse fan to be admitted, but you must demonstrate that you understand the institution, which this Why Syracuse University essay does. After learning about Syracuse from his guidance counsellor, the writer begins investigating programs and chatting with alums. This enables him to emphasise very particular characteristics of the institution in his essays, such as the school cheerleading squad or programs devoted to what he wants to study. This demonstrates someone who can strike the ground running as soon as he comes on campus because he is already aware of the prospects he wishes to pursue.

It focuses on the school rather than how they found out about it. Some students need clarification on this essay topic and believe it only wants to know how you found out about Syracuse. However, you should go a step further and highlight the specific features of Syracuse that drew you in. If the student had spent his essay going into great detail about his chat with his guidance counsellor and the institutions they discussed, the admissions committee would have needed a clearer picture of why he chose Syracuse. Instead, he makes the manner he discovered about Syracuse a minor part of the essay and spends the rest of it outlining why he wants to attend Syracuse.

Example 2: "Why Syracuse?"

My ambition is to engage in international relations, assisting people from many countries in working together to achieve their goals.

I want to be someone who is at ease with a variety of cultures, who can assist different groups of people in working together, and who can live and prosper overseas.

People that know me may be surprised because I've never left the country, but I know Syracuse will help me get there.

Syracuse not only has a Foreign Relations major that will provide me with the skills and classes I need for this future sector, but Syracuse's outstanding study abroad program will provide me with my first taste of international living.

I'm still determining which program I'll attend, but with so many options, I'm confident I'll find the right fit.

I'm confident that after four years of pushing my boundaries and learning new languages, skills, and ways of thinking at Syracuse, I'll be well prepared to take the next step toward my goals, especially with Syracuse's great career counselling centre and alumni connections to help me.

It's also vital to start making friends with people from various backgrounds than mine, and Syracuse will help me with that. I intend to work as an international student mentor, assisting students in adjusting to college in a new country.

Learning from their experiences would benefit me when I move overseas. Syracuse also offers numerous international-focused clubs, and I can't wait to join them and use them to make new friends and learn more about global issues.

What makes this Syracuse supplemental essay work?

Shows solid and long-term goals. Although this student does not have a specific position or company in mind (as many college students do! ), she can construct a picture of goals she can work toward throughout her career. This demonstrates someone's capacity to prepare long-term and think forward.

Connects her goals to Syracuse. Students' most common error when responding to this challenge is focusing solely on their goals and failing to describe how Syracuse will help them get there. This essay demonstrates how Syracuse's academics and culture will assist the writer in achieving her goals.

4 Tips for Your Syracuse University Essays

Keep these four suggestions in mind while you write your Syracuse supplemental essays to ensure they are as strong as possible.

#1: Be Specific

We've mentioned it before, but if you want your Syracuse essays to stand out, you need to be clear about why you want to attend the school.

Your goal is for the admissions committee to grasp your enthusiasm for the school and why you and Syracuse are a good fit.

Don't just state Syracuse has excellent classrooms, knowledgeable teachers, and a diverse student body.

Most institutions have that, and those reading your essay will wonder if you're employing identical essays for all of the schools you're applying to.

Instead, strive to highlight options that are unique to Syracuse, such as specific programs, courses, extracurricular activities, or research opportunities.

What you talk about should be things your other top schools don't have, qualities that genuinely set Syracuse apart.

#2: Show Your Passion

Colleges want to admit only a few students who are ambivalent about their school and ambitions, so demonstrate to Syracuse that you are passionate about something.

A generic phrase like "I am pleased by Syracuse's diverse club scene" doesn't reveal much about you or help you stand out from the pack.

Which Syracuse clubs pique your interest? How will you participate once you've joined them? Your passion could be for a degree, a vocation, an extracurricular activity, an organisation you want to join, and so on.

Whatever it is, make sure it shows through in at least one of your essays, and explain why you are so excited about it. This will make your essays more distinct and memorable when they are read.

#3: Make Every Word Count

The 250-word limit for each essay means that they will be relatively brief, so you should make the most of those words. Begin with a brief outline of your key ideas and address each of the essay prompts.

Then expand till you reach 250 words. There are better places to provide a detailed story about your childhood or use fancy language. Instead, make your primary arguments stand out, and don't be afraid to embellish them.

#4: Edit and Proofread Before You Submit

Before submitting your application, go over each Syracuse additional essay carefully. Even though these essays are short and probably didn't take you long to write, you should save them for a few days once you've completed a rough draft for each.

Then take them out and examine them with new eyes. Check to ensure you've answered each prompt thoroughly, then look for any confusing, out-of-place, or outside areas, and change as necessary.

You may want to repeat this procedure until you are confident with your writing, and you may also want to have a friend or parent check through your essays to provide comments.

When your essays are finished, review them one last time to ensure they are error-free. Then you're ready to go!

Summary: Syracuse University Essay Prompts

In addition to the Common Application essay, you must respond to one more Syracuse University essay prompt:

• Why are you interested in Syracuse University, and how do you see yourself contributing to a campus community that is diverse, inclusive, accessible, and respectful?

This essay is needed and should be 250 words or less. For the first portion of the inquiry (the "Why Syracuse?" question), explain how you learned about Syracuse and what drew you to apply.

There are various approaches you can take to the second essay, but be sure to describe how your experiences and background will benefit the varied community of students at Syracuse.

Syracuse university supplemental essay 2022 are important for students to achieve success and transition smoothly from high school to college. We have a wide variety of syracuse university supplemental essays. Click here to order syracuse university supplemental essay now!



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